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Call (239) 590-8999 | 12480 Brantley Commons Ct #101, Ft. Myers, Florida 33907 Coronavirus update
12480 Brantley Commons Ct #101, Ft. Myers, Florida 33907 Coronavirus update

Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

What is a private duty nurse?

Your loved one deserves the best possible care at every stage of life. As your family members get older, they may require more help than you are able to offer reasonably. If you've been thinking about utilizing private duty nursing, you aren't alone. This type of home care can be especially beneficial for seniors who require additional care; however, anyone with medical needs may benefit from this type of care. For example, adults with heart conditions or diabetes may benefit from having a nurse come over to help them manage their care.

Private duty nursing may include 24 hour home care. Private nurses offer a variety of services designed to ensure that patients receive constant and effective care. This reduces the patient's need to travel to the doctor's office as frequently, and it also helps ensure that the patient recovers quickly and speedily from any procedures they may have had.

Nurses understand that family members may not always be able to assist patients with continuous care. In some cases, family members may have work, school, or personal obligations, which means they cannot be a full-time caregiver. A nurse can work with families to ensure that a loved one is able to receive proper and constant care regardless of their health problems.

What does a private duty nurse do?

When it comes to personal care, it's important not to cut corners. The right private duty nurses offer a variety of services designed to help adults who need a little extra help. Nurses are well-trained in a variety of medical procedures and can assist with numerous health problems, including wound care, diabetes care, and hospice care.

The right personal nurse will work with their patients to ensure that each client receives their medication on time and that their dressings are changed regularly. These two simple tasks can make a world of difference when it comes to healing from health problems and conditions. Many elderly patients fail to take their medication on time. This can lead to more significant problems down the road. Having a nurse assistant with medication management can ensure that your loved one stays as healthy as possible.

Additionally, nurses may offer assistance with pulmonary injuries, ventilator care, and even monitoring seizures. The right nurse knows the warning signs of a serious medical problem and can help take steps to prevent something serious from occurring.

When a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, they may find that moving around the house becomes difficult or even impossible. A nurse can help with physical therapy tasks. Nurses may also be able to help your loved one with positioning. They can offer assistance with bathing, walking, and moving around the house. Additionally, nurses will help ensure that the patient takes care of themselves after undergoing surgery. Moving too quickly or in a rough manner after surgery can easily re-open stitches or cause other problems, but the right nurse can minimize these risks.

Some patients don't require constant medical attention, but find that they are no longer able to perform their regular tasks or household chores due to diabetes, kidney problems, or even heart issues. In these cases, a nurse can help with routine daily tasks. For example, if your loved one needs assistance with cooking meals, an in-home care nurse can assist them in cooking healthy, well-rounded meals. This can ensure that your loved one is eating appropriately for their health needs. You won't have to stress that they are eating poor-quality foods or things that will lead to further health issues.

Additionally, a nurse may be able to help with light cleaning tasks that may be difficult or impossible for your loved one. For example, nurses can help with light laundry, minor kitchen cleaning, and even washing the dishes. These are tasks that may be difficult for someone who is elderly or recovering from a medical procedure.

If you've been considering hiring a private nurse, reach out today. Call (239) 590-8999 to talk about how the right nurse can help improve the life of your loved one and help keep them safe, comfortable, and happy. You'll be amazed at the world of difference the right nurse can make in your life.