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In-Home Senior Care in Fort Myers, FL

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According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, nearly one of every five Americans is providing care to an adult with health or functional needs. Many of these adults are elderly individuals who want to remain in their homes, even while their options seem to diminish over time because of physical or mental issues. Further, many of those who provide senior care at home for their loved ones acknowledge the toll that it takes on them, both mentally and physically.

At Comfort Keepers, we know how difficult this work is, and how important it is. For a grown son or daughter to dedicate their own time and energy to help preserve their older loved ones' independence is the equivalent of taking on another job. That their loved ones' happiness is tantamount to their own can make for a difficult and challenging situation.

In-Home Senior Care Can Be Essential for Overall Wellbeing

When it comes to the happiness and wellbeing of your loved ones, is there anything that you won't do? The realities of providing in-home senior care in Fort Myers (without training and while leading their own lives) will cause many people to say no and hold that position despite feeling constrained. Yet the reality is that even with proper training, it's a job that requires patience, love, and a lot of time. That's where we come in.

Age brings with it the potential for a host of maladies, and it can seem like a punishment to spend your whole life creating a home only to lose it when these afflictions and difficulties threaten to take away your independence. Comfort Keepers' mission is to help seniors hold onto their dream of remaining safe and comfortable in their homes, regardless of any issues that come with getting older.

Comfort Keepers Provides Essential Services

When our clients employ our services, they always receive our very best, and that starts with evaluating the unique needs of each client to ensure a happy and successful partnership. Our care coordinators work with clients and their families to create individualized care plans that satisfy the needs of the elderly. Our caregivers, who may visit clients on a weekly or daily basis, work with other healthcare professionals as well as clients and their families to carry out the details of those plans. The frequency of caregiver visits can vary from a few hours per week to regular overnight stays.

Our caregivers are dynamic agents that can tackle a variety of things on behalf of their clients. They can attend to basic needs such as meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, and running errands, and also function as a transportation service, helping clients get to important appointments and other places outside of the home. Among other things, our caregivers will:

  • Assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation

  • Give reminders for personal care, medications, and grooming

  • Accompany seniors in light activity, such as a walk, or time spent outside

  • Provide transportation to and from appointments and social events

  • Do laundry and light housekeeping

We also offer post-hospital care services for clients who have recently been discharged from the hospital as well as private duty nursing to help clients recuperate or manage long-term medical needs at home, and respite care services for regular or family caregivers who need to take a short-term or extended break from their caregiving duties. 

At Comfort Keepers, our valued elderly Veterans are a top priority. We proudly offer Veterans home care services to those who have served our country and now may need a little extra help and support at home. 

Our Clients' Wellbeing is Our Priority 

When it comes to senior care at home in Fort Myers, it's not just the physical needs of the client that are satisfied but also their mental and emotional needs, as well. Companion care can look like many things, from playing cards to listening to music to having deep discussions about the nature of life itself. It can be as simple as asking what kind of music they want to listen to on the way to an appointment.

Listening is a skill that we consider essential for building meaningful relationships with our clients. When our caregivers are helping to prepare a meal or when they are eating together, they are not doing so in rugged silence. They are engaging in casual conversation in the same way that they might do at home with their own families. Conversation and mental stimulation are just as important as helping with any household chore.

Compassionate Home Care for Seniors in Fort Myers

One of the most important parts of our service is personal care, which includes things like hygiene, grooming, and going to the bathroom. This particular component highlights one of the most important elements of our philosophy: we lead with love. Simply put, you can't do this kind of work in such an intimate setting without having a big, compassionate heart. This is true from the most basic levels of care to more intensive ones, such as 24-hour care or caring for clients with Alzheimer's who struggle with dementia.

Trust is the foundation upon which the caregiver/client relationship is built, and this begins with the first visit. In-home senior care in Fort Myers can look like many different things, from helping with laundry to providing medication reminders, but the commonality is that every single bit of the work is done with the greatest attention to detail and the utmost care.

Our Caregivers Create Bonds that Last

The stories that we hear from our caregivers, whom we consider to be the best in the business, often center around the same concept: things become familial quickly. When you invite someone into your home, the reality is that emotional closeness must be part of the equation, or it just won't work.

This is what sets us apart. We don't just check things off a list and go on our way, but rather, we build relationships and provide the emotional support that seniors need to keep their spirits up. This is something that manifests itself through the smallest bits of conversation or through intense discussions about whatever is on our clients' minds. Our caregivers have the ability to pivot at a moment’s notice to ensure all client needs are met.

Senior Care at Home is Our Number One Priority

Providing senior care at home in Fort Myers is what Comfort Keepers is all about, and we know that our clients' success is our success. The bonds that our caregivers build with clients are reflective of how our company views its role in the lives of our clients. Because they need us, we will be there for them, providing support however we are able, day or night. From providing help with daily tasks to providing mental stimulation and emotional support, our caregivers are trained to recognize the needs of the client, be they physical, mental, or emotional. Contact us at (239) 590-8999 to learn more about how we can help improve the quality of life for someone that you love today.