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Driving and Your Aging Loved Ones

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Marysville, California.

Comfort Keepers offer Elderly Care Services in Marysville, CA

Our senior care services want to help keep your senior loved ones on the road as long as possible in Marysville, CA, and the surrounding area.

Do you remember how nervous you were before taking your driving test? You were probably nervous because you knew the freedom came with passing your test. That feeling of freedom stays with you your whole life, even when you are older. When aging occurs, your eyesight, range of motion, and pain in some limbs come naturally, but this should not discourage your senior loved ones from hanging up the keys right away. With driving being the first sign of freedom when we were younger, it may be considered the last sign of freedom while aging. By making small changes to their life, seniors will be able to drive safely and keep their independence for as long as possible. Our elderly care team has put together a list of tips and elderly care services that can help prolong your senior loved ones driving life:

  • Stay Active – Adding small exercises in your daily life will help improve your strength and flexibility. If you start to improve your flexibility and strength, it will make turning your head to look at traffic and turning the steering wheel much easier
  • Have Your Eyes Checked – Time to get your eyes checked by the eye doctor. This will help by seeing if you need either glasses or new lenses. This will play a significant part while driving right away
  • Schedule a Hearing Test – Even though the eyes are super crucial to driving, so is hearing. You should go  to your ears to check to see if you need to get a hearing aid for yourself  
  • Adjust as Necessary – Having an older car may become a hassle, so it might be time to look at a new car. Cars these days have everything you need, power windows and locks, backup cameras, automatic parallel parking, and much more
  • Plan Ahead – Picking the right time to drive can be crucial. Try and avoid rush hour, both morning and evening, and nighttime on busy roads. Planning ahead will make a huge difference while driving.

Comfort Keepers Can Lend a Hand

When you start looking at elderly care options, our trained care providers offer personalized care services that we custom-make to fit your senior needs. Between 24 hours a daycare and a few hours a week, we have you covered. If you’re interested in elderly care services, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or call us at (530) 208-5152.