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Dealing with Hearing Loss

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Personal Care Assistant in Brentwood: Helping Seniors Deal with Hearing Loss

How a personal care assistant can make a difference in Brentwood, TN and surrounding communities

Hearing loss is a common problem for seniors, and one that may not receive adequate attention from your loved one’s medical providers or other caregivers. In fact, the National Institute on Aging estimates that 1 in 3 folks between the ages of 65 and 74 experience hearing loss, and about half of all folks over age 75. We also know that many seniors are reluctant to admit to their caregiver or personal care assistant that their hearing is being impacted, and that many more families could benefit from hearing devices than currently use them.

Age-related hearing loss is common because it is linked to many common habits. Daily habits like smoking, some medications, and loud music or television can continue to impact hearing capabilities no matter how old we are. The most common form of hearing loss is presbycusis, in which tiny hairs in the inner ear that translate and capture sound gradually die off or wear away.

If your loved one has hearing loss, it can have impacts far beyond just their ability to hear. When hearing loss is not mediated, it can lead to loneliness, isolation, and depression because your loved one has a harder time conversing and bonding with others. Hearing loss can also indicate other cognitive problems and health conditions. It’s important to report hearing loss to your loved one’s doctor so that the best solution for your loved one can be provided to them.

How We Can Help

At Comfort Keepers, we believe that all seniors deserve their best possible quality of life. With a personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers, you and your loved one will collaborate to build a customized care plan that includes all of their unique needs, including any health conditions, mobility concerns, lifestyle preferences, habits, and hobbies. If hearing loss is affecting your loved one, your personal care assistant will work with you to find ways to improve what’s frustrating your loved one.

If you’re helping to care for an aging loved one who is experiencing hearing loss, there are resources available to you and your family. A personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers can help you make a plan that addresses your loved one’s individual concerns and provide them with the assistance they need to enjoy every day. Contact our Brentwood, TN area office today at (615) 942-0111 to learn more.