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Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutritional Assistance from a Home Care Aide in Las Vegas

The difference a home care aide in the Las Vegas, NV area can make in your loved one’s nutrition

If you’re helping to care for a loved one who lives alone, you probably help out by making sure there’s fresh food in the fridge or homecooked meals get delivered. Seniors who live alone can benefit greatly from that assistance, because nutrition and meeting all dietary needs is even more important during the golden years. Your loved one deserves the best as they age in place, and a home care aide from Comfort Keepers can make sure your loved one has access to regular, healthy meals.

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Part of why it’s so important for seniors to receive comprehensive nutrition is that there are short-term and long-term implications for an imbalanced diet. Not receiving adequate nutrition can make your loved one feel sluggish, irritable, or tired throughout the day, and in the long run, can impact blood pressure, heart rate, and conditions like osteoporosis or diabetes.

Nutrition also plays an important part in overall health if your loved one is on prescription medications. Many medications have food interactions or can cause side effects when taken with other medications or some foods. Your home care aide can also help your loved one research recipes, recipe substitutions, allergy concerns, and other aspects to good dietary care that will also work with their medication schedule.

Quick nutritional tips for seniors:

  • Don’t miss a meal. Give your body a regular diet, because not only will it help you stay regular, but it also helps your body take in medications, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Drink enough water. It’s easy to overlook staying hydrated throughout the day, and an important part of staying healthy.
  • Portion control is more important than ingredient control. Especially when eating out at restaurants, served portions can be almost double a recommended serving amount!
  • Eat lots of color. Practice noticing when your meal is colorful—this usually means there’s lots of fresh ingredients in it. This is an easy way to aim for a healthier diet without getting rid of foods you love.

In general, seniors may struggle to receive adequate nutrition without assistance. Seniors on fixed income, seniors with mobility issues, and seniors without access to transportation may struggle especially with accessing fresh food and varied foods. A home care aide can help provide transportation and other assistance to make sure your loved one has access to the food supplies and other resources they need.

If your loved one is struggling with adequate nutrition, accessing fresh foods, or eating a varied diet, a home care aide from Comfort Keepers serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area can help. Contact us today at (702) 425-6932 to learn more about our in-home elder care services.