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Paying For Care

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Long Term Care Costs in Las Vegas, NV

Affordability and long term care payment coverage for seniors and their families in Las Vegas and nearby communities

As the number of senior citizens in the United States grows day by day, the cost and availability of long term care has been changing. If you and your aging loved one is concerned about how you’ll afford long term care, there are options and programs that can help you.

Most importantly, however, your family will need to determine a care plan for your aging loved one. What kind of care do they need? What do they need assistance with? How much time with a care provider will they need every day? Think about their medical needs, their mental and cognitive needs, mobility challenges, chronic health conditions, and any other factors that impact their daily life. You should also look for local providers, who offer the kind of care your loved one might need. You can request quotes from providers by contacting them and telling them what kind of care your loved one will need.

The exact cost of long term care depends on the type of services, length of care, frequency of care, and other factors that will be unique to your situation. The level of assistance that you can receive, and where you can receive it from, will also be unique to your loved one and their financial and health situation.


Medicare will typically cover short-term home care, such as after an illness or while recovering from surgery. Hospice care may also be covered. Long-term home care is only covered by Medicare in certain circumstances.


Medicaid is the most-used public program to assist with long term care costs. If you qualify, your plan may pay for assisted living care or senior home health services. Eligibility requirements do vary by state, but many with limited income and few financial assets will qualify. You may qualify for state programs, even if you don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Long-Term Care Insurance

This type of personal insurance policy helps to protect seniors’ savings from being drained by long term care needs. Generally, it’s purchased before retirement, and payments toward the policy are still made after retirement. You may want to speak with a financial planner to understand the different policies and your options before deciding on the one for you.

Veterans Administration benefits

VA benefits include coverage for services as well as direct care from a VA facility. Veterans who served for at least 90 days on active duty may qualify for Veterans Administration coverage, and spouses may qualify as well. For more information or to learn if you qualify, visit

Out of pocket payments

Long term costs not covered by the above programs will be paid for out of pocket. Retirement savings, pensions, health savings accounts, and other assets can all become part of your payment strategy for these costs.

While long term care may seem expensive, the health and wellbeing of a loved one is priceless. Families can determine what kind of care is needed for their aging loved one, and there are resources from care providers in your community that may help you make your decision, as well.

For more information on the long term care options that Comfort Keepers of Las Vegas and surrounding areas can provide to your aging loved one, contact our friendly staff today or reach us by phone at (702) 425-6932