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Mobility Assistance

Mobility Assistance from Expert In Home Care Providers in Southern Highlands

How in home care providers in Southern Highlands, NV and surrounding areas of Las Vegas can make a difference in your loved one’s quality of life

Our bodies change throughout our lives, and during our golden years, those changes can also impact our health and abilities. Changes in our ability to walk, stand, and move around can impact mobility and even safety. If you’re helping to meet the daily needs of an aging loved one who has experienced a loss in mobility, you don’t have to do it alone. The in home care providers at Comfort Keepers of Las Vegas are your local experts in assisting your loved one with everyday life.

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For seniors, especially those who live alone or have existing mobility challenges, the risk of slips and trips is a serious one. Trips and falls can result in concussions, broken bones, chronic pain, and other long-lasting health consequences. Many of these injuries take extended amounts of time to heal correctly. The best care any senior can receive is care that helps them stay safe, maintain a safe home environment, and avoid trips and falls.

Our in home care providers in Southern Highlands and Las Vegas will help you identify the particular elements in your loved one’s home environment that can improve your loved one’s safety. Common tips that can help include making sure that electric cords, rug edges, and other trip hazards are placed under furniture or adequately secured. It also helps to ensure adequate lighting in hallways, stairwells, and doorways. Installing grab bars in bathrooms, hallways, and other tight spaces can mean the difference between a slight stumble and a catastrophic fall.

We can help plan for your loved one’s safety

Statistically, we know that if a senior has had one trip and fall accident, they’re more likely to have another. Especially if your loved one has fallen before, or tripped in their home, take note of what extra measures can be added to ensure their safety, and make a plan to install them. One trip and fall incident is a red flag to medical providers and in home care providers that additional measures need to be taken to ensure your loved one’s safety.

Home care and mobility help for seniors in Southern Highlands and nearby Las Vegas, NV areas

In home care providers can help with a wide range of mobility issues, including using mobility assistance devices and positioning. Positioning helps seniors who are less mobile to sit, lay, or move around their home. Repositioning can relieve tension in joints, encourage deeper breathing, and reduce muscle stiffness. Your senior care aide will work to understand the particular physical needs of your aging family member, and then develop positions and frequency of movement that will work well for your loved one.

If you’re helping to meet the daily needs of a loved one who has reduced mobility, the team at Comfort Keepers of Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas can help. Contact our local agency today at (702) 425-6932 to learn more.