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Mobility Assistance

Home Care Elderly Mobility Services in Traverse City, MI and Surrounding Areas

Worried about an aging loved one who is losing mobility? Find home care elderly loved ones can trust with mobility assistance in Traverse City & Petoskey

Many people begin to experience trouble walking, standing, or moving around as they age. A variety of health conditions can impact mobility, including arthritis, diabetes, heart and circulatory conditions, and osteoporosis. While these health conditions might be a standard part of the aging process for your loved one, it can also be a major challenge to daily life. If you have an aging loved one whose mobility issues have impacted their day-to-day choices, services from Comfort Keepers might be the solution to home care elderly members of your family are looking for.

For seniors, the risk of falling is a serious one. Trips and falls often bring about serious health consequences that can range from bumps and bruises to broken bones or concussions. Many of these injuries take extended amounts of time to heal correctly. The best care any senior can receive is care that helps them avoid trips and falls.

Until we’re facing mobility issues, we might not recognize aspects of our daily life that will become harder. In our homes, staircases, narrow hallways, doorways, and navigating small spaces like bathrooms and closets can all become more challenging as our mobility changes. An experienced caregiver can help your family identify trouble spots in your loved one’s home and provide suggestions for how to improve them.

Our home care elderly services are always focused on your loved one’s safety, health, and wellbeing. That’s why we might provide suggestions like:

  • Increasing the lighting in hallways and doorways
  • Grab bars in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other frequently navigated areas
  • Removing throw rugs and any rugs with loose edges
  • Night lights in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Correct use of mobility assistance devices

Mobility issues may mean that your loved one needs help with positioning. Positioning and frequent repositioning can help increase blood flow, encourage deeper breathing, and increase oxygen levels throughout the body. This makes your loved one’s muscles and circulatory system healthier and happier. Our in-home services can help your loved one establish a healthy routine of sitting, lying, standing, and moving around their home.

If you’re concerned that a loved one’s loss of mobility is impacting their quality of life, find the home care elderly family members can rely on to make an immediate difference. Call our office today at (231) 222-5376 to learn more about our services in Traverse City, MI and surrounding areas.