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Starting the Conversation

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Dunkirk, Maryland.

Starting the Conversation: Senior Home Care Providers in Dunkirk, MD

Comfort Keepers’ senior home care providers are there to address all the needs of seniors, including those related to their emotions.

Having a discussion about senior home care providers with aging parents and close relatives can be a difficult conversation to have. It can be uncomfortable for all parties involved, but it is necessary to ensure the well being of a loved one as they grow older. 

Seniors who have been living on their own for a long period of time value their independence; however, may be neglecting their personal care and emotional wellbeing. They might need someone to come by, not only to assist them with daily living tasks but also to serve as a friend. Seniors need to have meaningful conversations with someone, although they might not be willing to admit that.

There are a host of factors to consider when beginning such talks that will affect the entire family. 

Timing is Everything

When to have the senior care conversation is always difficult to determine. It is honestly never too soon. Rather than waiting until the senior’s health is deteriorating, do it when they are of sound mind and body. This assures them that they have had some say in what the latter stages of their life will look like. Many caregivers and family members have experienced resentment from their seniors because they feel as though they have no control over their own lives. If they are an included in an early conversation, this ensures their input.

Location Matters

Where the conversation about senior home care providers takes place matters. The atmosphere should never be intimidating where the loved one will feel as though the family is ganging up on them. It should be calm and in a family-oriented place such as someone’s home or a private venue.

Select a Leader

Someone has to lead the pack. The family should select a point person to plan and lead the discussion. This decision may be the most difficult for some families, especially in the case of a parent with more than one child. A pre-talk among the people closes in relation to the senior must take place. While the responsibilities can be shared, there has to be one person everyone can look to for details and instruction

Support is Essential 

Showing up matters. It speaks volumes to loved ones when their relatives tell them they care but seeing actions match words resonates with them. The same is true when the senior care conversation begins. Involve everyone close to them. Show them they are not alone.

Do Your Research 

Call for help when planning the discussion. At Comfort Keepers of West Chesapeake, we understand the endless questions that may arise when having this discussion. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any senior care questions, comments or concerns.

Comfort Keepers’ Senior Home Care Providers

What makes our senior care agency so special is that we take our job seriously. Rather than simply offering a suite of services, we create a special care program for each individual. This way, we are able to address their needs and wishes the right way. This means that we will be able to take proper care of your senior’s physical health, and their emotional health as well.

To be able to design the right senior home care providers plan, our caregivers first need to come to the senior’s home and assess the situation. They need to see their living conditions, get information about their medical history, and learn more about your loved one's personality and care preferences. Of course, they also need to get to know the seniors by talking to them about their likes and dislikes in order to match the right caregiver.

If you believe that your senior loved one would benefit from the services offered by Comfort Keepers, please get in touch with us straight away. Just give us a call at (443) 328-4464 or contact us online and we’ll tell you everything about the services currently available to the seniors living in Upper Marlboro, Odenton, Davidsonville, Bowie Dunkirk and the surrounding areas of Maryland.