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10351 Southern Maryland Blvd #201, Dunkirk, Maryland 20754 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers Provide Home Care Services to Seniors Who Require Dietary and Nutritional Assistance in Dunkirk, MD, and the Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers of Dunkirk, MD provides diet and nutrition help as a part of their comprehensive home care services

It can be hard enough making sure that you’re getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy - it can be even harder to do this for someone else, especially if they have special diet needs. At Comfort Keepers in Dunkirk, our home care services aim to lighten your load and make sure that your loved one is getting the proper nutrition care that they need.

Importance of Senior Nutrition

As we get older, our daily tasks can become harder to do. Whether it’s picking up heavy pots and pans or the repetitive motion of scrubbing dishes, these tasks can become difficult or painful. And when these tasks become difficult, we stop doing them. That might mean eating less or picking up takeout or convenience food instead of making something healthy and nutritious. We’re aware that this can make meal preparation daunting for seniors, and that’s why our home care services aim to help.

Now, there are many benefits to having proper nutrition, especially for seniors. For example, proper nutrition helps to strengthen the immune system, making someone less susceptible to getting colds or the flu; and if they do become ill, they are more likely to bounce back quicker. Getting the right number of vitamins and minerals can keep bones strong as well, which means that if someone takes a fall, they may have a less serious fracture and will heal easier. Plus, sticking to nutritious meals can help keep chronic conditions under control. For things like diabetes or inflammation, a proper diet can really make a difference. 

Many seniors have dietary restrictions, which makes creating these nutritious meals much more difficult. For example, a senior who has trouble chewing may have a harder time getting all of their nutrients because it is harder for them to eat. Here at Comfort Keepers, our caretakers will create delicious and easy-to-eat meals for your loved one.

Home Care Services and Promoting Healthy Meals for Seniors

At Comfort Keepers, we promote eating healthy meals in several ways. Along with meal prep, our home care services can include medication management. Oftentimes, these two things go hand in hand, as many medications require that they are taken with food. Our comprehensive care takes in the whole picture, not just one part of it.

We like to have your loved one be as active in their everyday life as they can be. This means that we want their input in what sort of foods they like and dislike, as well as helping out in the kitchen if they want to. Everyone has a different level of care, and we cater to that.

High Quality Care

We keep our caregivers up-to-date on the latest research about nutrition and encourage them to continue to learn about the different options available for senior nutrition. Our caretakers are highly trained and have access to consult with expert nutritionists who can assist in creating a meal plan for your loved one. 

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