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Seniors and Dealing with Pain

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in San Jose, California.

Senior Citizens and Dealing with Pain by Comfort Keepers Home Care in San Jose, CA

Comfort Keepers Home Care of San Jose, CA offers the following tips so your loved one can find relief! 

Elder home care providers know that pain is an unpleasant sensation that is associated with tissue damage. Unfortunately, many older adults are living with pain which can be acute or chronic. Acute pain is short-lived while chronic pain lasts for weeks, months, and years and can inhibit a senior’s ability to live a high quality of life.  

There are a number of conditions that can lead to pain and make day to day life a struggle for senior citizens. Several of the most common conditions that cause pain among the older population include:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis affects millions of seniors each year and results in pain and swelling of the joints. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis.

  • Cancer: Cancer pain can arise from cancer itself or from other areas in the body where cancer has spread. 

  • Fibromyalgia: Pain and tenderness throughout the entire body is a sign of fibromyalgia. Seniors with this condition have tender points on their body which hurt when pressure is placed on them.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand can all be a signal of carpal tunnel syndrome in older adults.

Seniors who are living with any type of pain should consult their doctor or elder care professionals as soon as possible. In addition to recommending an over-the-counter and/or prescription medication, their doctor may encourage them to try one of the following pain management techniques:

  • Distraction: One of the most effective ways for seniors to control their pain is to distract themselves from thinking about it by watching a movie, spending time with loved ones, or meditating. 

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can assist an older adult in alleviating their pain by improving blood and oxygen flow to their muscles and making it easier for them to relax. Elder care providers can also go with your loved one on brief walks to help relieve the pain.

  • Hot and Cold Therapy: Hot therapy involves relaxing the muscles while cold therapy cools them in order to interrupt pain.

  • Acupuncture: Older adults who opt for acupuncture can expect thin needles inserted into particular points of their body to ensure energy is flowing properly so that pain can be reduced.

  • Counseling or Support Groups: Seniors who prefer to discuss their pain privately may benefit from counseling while those who would like to bond with others who are going through the same type of pain they are should consider support groups. An elder care provider can help your loved one discuss how their pain is affecting them in everyday life.

A pain management technique that works for one senior may do nothing for another. That’s why it’s imperative for older adults to try a variety of techniques. By doing so, they can figure out how to control their pain and live the happy life they deserve.