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Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Los Altos, CA

With a vision of providing the best quality in home care services to our loved seniors here in Los Altos and with the mission of fulfilling all the unmet needs of them, Comfort Keepers have been serving the senior population and the families here in Los Altos for a long time now. With our dedicated caregivers and all-around services, we have been able to gift to our adored Los Altos seniors the best of the days in their declining years.

Los Altos seniors get all kinds of care and support from Comfort Keepers. Our in home care services follow planned and designed approaches so that we can be able to create the best possible positive impacts in the lives of our loved seniors. All of our caregivers here in Comfort Keepers are trained professionals with a passion and experience in this altruistic vocation of caring for the seniors. 

In all of our services we always maintain the standard that Comfort Keepers promises and assign caregivers based on the needs and requirements of our loved seniors. To ensure that the trust is never broken we only enroll caregivers after a rigorous recruiting process and a gradual training period. Moreover, we take special care in ensuring that the caregivers we recruit actually harbor an inherent love for this vocation and are specialized with in home care.

Besides, we have introduced a very unique and effective approach to senior caregiving - named Interactive Caregiving. With our Interactive Caregiving philosophy, we are being able to fulfill some of the basic needs of Los Altos seniors like aging in place and being socially, mentally and physically active through in home care.

Along this line of our continuous success, we always remain on guard for newer ways to improve our processes and methodologies with in home care. We constantly keep searching for ideas towards strategic developments. On the way, we team up with invaluable experts and incorporate ingenious technologies into our caregiving systems. 

We hope that we will keep on providing to our Los Altos seniors and families with the best quality in home care and support just the way we have been for years, and our progress continues likewise.

History and Culture of Los Altos

Unlike the other cities surrounding Los Altos, it is comparatively newer in terms of urban and commercial development. It was in not much of a faraway time that the city of Los Altos started to be developed into a city. Most of its development began to happen in 1950. Although the city got its developed shape quite as early as 1980, the development of the city is still going on to some extent. 

The story of Los Altos actually starts in 1906 when Paul Shoup and the Southern Pacific Railroad executive bought 140 acres of land between Palo Alto and Mountain View to establish the Altos Land Co. along with his colleagues. The company’s plan was to set up a new town here that would serve as a cut off point for the railroad route between May Filed and Los Gatos. They named the town as Los Altos means “the height” in Spanish, as it was the highest point of that route. 

Gradually some other businesses started to buy land in the area to establish commercial setups. Eschenbruecher’s Hardware, the first commercial establishment of the town, was built downtown during this period. Gradually the name of the town along with some of the surrounding region spread as an unincorporated area served by the Los Altos School District founded in 1910. 

During World War 2 the city underwent a rapid population growth and gradually the town folks decided to be incorporated. Then on December 1, 1952, Los Altos became the 11th incorporated city of Santa Clara County. 

Another change occurred with time - the preference of automobiles as transport over trains; and as a result of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which was the essential part of the city’s foundation and subsequent growth, stopped its operation in 1964. The track became the present-day Foothill Express. 

The commercial sites being strictly confined within the downtown area, now, Los Altos can be seen as an affluent commuter town with beautiful summer cottages and orchards of various kinds.

Senior Care Facilities in Los Altos

As of US census data 2010, Los Altos had a population of 28,976. Among the people of Los Altos 16.86% are aged between 45 to 54 years, 7.14% are between 55 to 59 years, 5.05% 60 to 64 years, 8.97% 65 to 74 years, 7.78% are between 75 to 84 years and 2.56% are aged 85 years and over. 

So we can see that more than 27% of Los Alto's population are seniors. Therefore, the availability of an adequate number of quality senior care facilities is a very important issue for the people of Los Altos. 

In this circumstance, to cater to the need of our loved seniors in Los Altos there are quite a few numbers of very good quality home health care services in Los Altos. Bridgepoint, Hidden Lane Villa, the Terraces, Snow White Care Home El Sereno Home and Comfort Keepers In-home Care Services Los Altos would be the best ones to name of. Other than these there are many other in home care services in Los Altos that are doing a great job in taking care of our Los Altos seniors and keeping them healthy and happy. 

Apart from the private in home care service providers, there are many government services and programs that are currently running their operations here in Los Altos. Government organizations and private senior care service providers are working together and co-operating in various ways to ensure the best quality care for our loved seniors of Los Altos.

But even after that various reports indicate that the Los Altos seniors have their own share of needs that are not yet fulfilled. The seniors in Los Altos are mostly facing problems in the following areas:

  • Transportation
  • Emergency Services
  • Aging in Place
  • Being active- socially, mentally and physically
  • Adequate access to improved senior care facilities.

To solve these issues and to fully meet up to the unmet needs of Los Altos senior population we have to increase in home care services in Los Altos along with improving the existing services to a greater extent. With this vision of fulfilling all the unmet needs of our seniors in Los Altos, Comfort Keepers Home Care Services have been working very successfully here in Los Altos.