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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Saratoga, CA

Comfort Keepers is the most trusted name when it comes to in-home care in Saratoga. We have been serving our loved seniors here in Saratoga with the objective of maintaining the best quality lifestyle for them. Throughout our service years, our Comfort Keepers have lighted the lives of hundreds of seniors and their families alike. 

With the Interactive Caregiving approach in our core caregiving strategy, we ensure all-around care for our loved ones so that they get the feel of life just as they used to get in their youth. In all of our services, we strive to give the fullest so that the trust is never broken and our loved ones continue to get the unwavering quality of in-home care while living independently within the comfort of their own homes. 

All of our caregivers are expert professionals trained in all aspects of senior care and home health care intricacies. Moreover, we only enroll dedicated caregivers with an inherent passion for this vocation after a rigorous screening procedure. So, with Comfort Keepers home care you get complete support and care in order to live a safe and healthy life being in the comfort of your own homes independently. 

Along these lines, we will continue our efforts to keep serving our seniors here in Saratoga with the same level of dedication and integrity in the years to come. Call the San Jose Comfort Keepers in-home care team today for a free in-home consultation. 

History and Culture of Saratoga

The story of Saratoga begins with a small sawmill built-in 1847 by William Campbell; 2.5 miles away from the area where the present-day downtown is located. 

This sawmill has been recorded as the seed for the city of Saratoga in California. Along with building the sawmill, Campbell had also set up shops along the bank of what is now called the Saratoga Creek. However, a technical mistake of not focusing on providing an adequate amount of transportation facility and the advent of the California Gold Rush affected Campbell’s plans and didn’t let them materialize right then.

In 1951 Martin McCarthy Leased the mill and started building a toll road down to the Santa Clara Valley for facilitating the much-needed transportation facility. With this, the present-day Saratoga was founded as McCarthysville. This gave the sawmill the long-awaited boost and various other businesses also sprang up around it. Soon various industries like a tannery, flour mills, and furniture and paper factories were crowding the industrial landscape of the area. Due to this industrial growth, the town back then was also known as Bank Mills during 1863. 

In 1850 an event occurred that redirected the path for Saratoga’s later developments. It was the discovery of Pacific Congress Springs by Jud Caldwell. The springs were named so because of its mineral content is similar to that of Congress Springs in Saratoga Springs, New York. And finally, in 1865, the town got its present name Saratoga after the city in New York. 

Along this line, a hotel named the Congress Hall was also established to serve the incoming rush of tourists to the newly found Pacific Congress Springs. It was justly named after the famous resort hotel Congress Hall, situated in Saratoga Springs, New York. This Congress Hall of California attracted tourists and all the elites of Saratoga till it was consumed by fire in 1903. All of these events combining led Saratoga to be listed as a California Historical Landmark in 1950. 

In the line of these events, Saratoga gradually turned towards being vastly an agricultural settlement along with the rest of the Santa Clara Valley. Orchards and vineyards began to outweigh the industrial significance of Saratoga. Gradually Saratoga’s colossal fruit production made it an agricultural trading post. 

However, Saratoga’s evolution continued even further with the establishment of various spacious homes and palatial estates by the wealthy politicians and businessmen of the valley. Finally, the town reached its present state of being a beautiful residential community after its turn towards urban and suburban living during the Second World War and its subsequent incorporation in 1956. Gradually with time, it has now become a very developed city for the Silicon Valley tech workers.

Home Care Facilities in Saratoga

Being a well-developed and beautiful residential community Saratoga surely has the best quality senior care facilities, in home care services and programs to offer to our loved seniors. 

The population of Saratoga is mostly white and Asian. 20.3% of Saratoga population is above 65 years of age as of US census data 2010 which saw a sharp 4% increase in the senior population from that of 2001. With time the senior population of Saratoga is expected to rise even more. 

Seniors are the most respected and cared for communities of every society and senior well-being should be one of the top priorities for the well-being of the society as a whole. Hence, to care for the increasing number of seniors in Saratoga, residential and non-residential elder care facilities along with institutions are providing in home care services here. There are facilities solely focused on social engagement and community events for our adored seniors. Assisted living centers, independent senior living communities are also here along with some very highly developed retirement communities to offer extraordinary senior living experiences. 

The statewide government programs are also running their operations in Saratoga along with the private institutions. The purpose of these government programs is to ensure the quality of the private institutions along with maintaining the high-quality life standard of our beloved Saratoga seniors while providing in home care. Government programs in Saratoga also offer financial and legal support to our seniors. 

But even after all these world-class senior care facilities in Saratoga we have some of our seniors here who are still in need of love and support mostly because of lack of knowledge and economical backup. Currently, 18% percent of our Saratoga seniors are living alone and it is surprising to know that 22% of Saratoga seniors are living below the poverty line. Besides, it is known to all that the cost of quality in home care in Saratoga is higher than the average cost in the country. 

Therefore, to tackle this issue of economical hindrance and to ensure the best quality life standard to all of our loved seniors in Saratoga, senior care facilities here have to be increased and government support has to be strengthened. With this mission and vision of eliminating the lack of care and support for our seniors in Saratoga Comfort Keepers is working here relentlessly to provide exceptional in home care.