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In Home Care in San Jose, CA

In Home Care from Comfort Keepers in San Jose

The most trusted in home care brand Comfort Keepers has been operating here in San Jose and nearby areas for almost 15 years now. It definitely has been an exhilarating journey for each and every one of the team members. It was a journey laden with the pure joy of helping seniors to lead a healthy and happy life.

Comfort Keepers San Jose have been providing quality professional senior care services all throughout San Jose. The services provided include:

  • In Home Care
  • Interactive Caregiving
  • Respite Care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Transitioning Home

Along with it, they are also providing the San Jose seniors with industry leading in home care technology like emergency response systems, medication safety and management, home monitoring systems, etc.

Comfort Keepers are fully trained, experienced and professional caregivers, engaged in providing in-home care services, so our seniors get all they need right intheir home or residence. They do not have to move to any assisted living center or to any other nursing care facilities in order to get quality care. With Comfort Keepers San Jose our seniors have been able to live a happy, healthy and independent life being in the environment of their own home. That’s what matters the most to San Jose seniors. During the declining period of their life they do not find it easy to move out of home and find the most comfort and peace only in their own home. And Comfort Keepers are dedicated to do exactly that.

San Jose Comfort Keepers are highly trained and vastly experienced. The recruiting process for the caregivers are firm; only the most eligible ones with an inner true passion for this humanitarian vocation are taken aboard this humble yet majestic journey of adding life to lives.

Most of the Comfort Keepers here are working with seniors for multiple years and all of them have shown considerable amount of success in their work. Comfort Keepers have supported and brought light to hundreds of San Jose families; and thousands of seniors have seen better days in their last years of life though Comfort Keepers’ care services. Gradually, Comfort Keepers in home care's desire is to reach all the seniors in need of support in San Jose to alleviate their sufferings with interactive caregiving philosophy in their hearts.

How will Comfort Keepers help your family in San Jose?

We help with medication reminders, bathing, dressing, meal preparation and provide clients with companionship and engagement in activities for a more fulfilling lifestyle. Your San Jose Comfort Keepers can accompany your loved one to doctor or therapy appointments, to Santana Row for lunch and an afternoon walk, or to the Almaden Senior Center on Camden Avenue for popcorn and a movie.

Keeping clients active and engaged to the best of their ability is important to us, whether it is taking them around town, reminiscing over photographs, or just enjoying a lively conversation.

Like San Jose the seniors of San Jose are also diverse and vibrant in nature and characteristics. 25% of San Jose population is between 45-64 years of age and 10% are above the age of 65 as of US census data 2010. Estimation indicates that with time the percentage of elderly people are increasing. By 2030 over one in four Santa Clara County residents will be over the age of 60 (27.6%). This is a higher percentage than expected for either the state of California (23.3%) or the United States as a whole (24.7%).

So, with this amount of seniors in town and the numbers increasing the priorities on senior care has to be increased and measures have to be reevaluated, redesigned and developed.

Right now the major sectors where San Jose seniors face most problems are:

  • Food and nutrition

  • Transportation

  • Physical and mental illnesses

  • Lack of affordable care facilities

  • Homelessness and isolation

Most Santa Clara seniors live a very healthy and happy social life and their essential necessities are rightly taken care of. They are the fortunate ones who do not have to face the problems mentioned above. However, in spite of having higher income than Federal Poverty Level (FPL) many of them find it difficult to pay for their basic cost of living. In the whole county 15,300 seniors live below the FPL and most of them are living in San Jose. Whereas one in every four San Jose senior live near the poverty line, which is less than two times the Federal Poverty Line.

To deal with these problems and to ensure a higher level of life standards for the seniors in San Jose Comfort Keepers Elderly Care Services are working for years along with other government and private facilities. But even after that the lack of more rigorous efforts in this area is visible. Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services San Jose are dedicated to boost up their efforts; and promises to do whatever is possible within their capabilities in order to alleviate the problems and to raise standards.

Aging in place that means aging in their own homes with a sense of independence and belonging is preferred by almost all the seniors here in San Jose. So, Comfort Keepers San Jose In-home Care Facilities always strive to bring the best possible care right into the homes of our seniors in their times of need. Comfort Keepers caregivers are very experienced and trained professionals who know the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual necessities of our seniors hence are capable of providing for their each and every need or requirement.

Culture of San Jose

In reality knowing San Jose culture in its totality is nearly impossible. It is dynamic and ever-changing. It is vast and deep. It is diverse and multifaceted. We can only have glimpses of it in bits and pieces and try to present that to you.

The first thing that makes the understanding of San Jose cultural atmosphere difficult is its being the center of in-migration. From the very beginning of its history San Jose has experienced the inflow of people from various parts of the globe. At first the European settlers started to come here for expanding their empires and built various military and civil establishments. Even before them the area was already inhabited by some groups of Ohlone Native Americans. And from the mid twentieth century the region is experiencing even more widespread growth of incoming population. Mostly from the returning war veterans from the just exhausted World War Two. Still the global flow of in-migration from all parts of the world continues due to the tremendous growth of electronics industry and urbanization as a whole.  

Now, San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, is a global city and the world technological center for innovation and invention. But one thing that the world often misses to realize that San Jose can also be termed as a booming center of cross-cultural integration, as throughout the ages people from various culture have come here and have made the area a friendly place for cross-cultural synchronicity. Among the San Jose population 33.2% are Hispanic, 32.8% Asian, 27.6% white, 2.8% African-American and 3.6% people are from other ethnicities according to the US census bureau data. So, you can easily realize how culturally rich and diffuse the city is. This diversity is very much evident in all the cultural aspects of San Jose from its food to festivals.

However, due to the modernizing force of globalization the city, of course, emits a generally unifying vibration of the modern world. The strip malls and the tract houses tell the story of a well-developed suburbia and the downtown San Jose surely puts forth the vibe of a global city booming with all of its cars and skyscrapers.  Much of this, however, is the result of the technological progress of the last 50 years. Before this San Jose was a small farming community affluent with agricultural production. The Santa Clara valley as a whole was so rich with agricultural production that it was given the nickname of “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight” due to the fragrance of ripening fruits and vines that it used to emit.

Now, it is a city of cars, computers and glassy modern skyscrapers. Amidst the destinations to explore for touching San Jose culture the Tech Museum, San Jose Museum of art, Kelley Park, Santana Row, Winchester Mystery House, Plaza de César Chávez, Mexican Heritage Plaza, Lick Observatory, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Japantown San Jose, San Jose Center for the Performing Art will be the main guiding landmarks. Besides all these, San Jose now is a favorite destination for festivals and events of all kinds. From various performing arts and heritage festivals to new year's and Christmas dioramas San Jose is ever vibrating with new life and energy.   

History of San Jose

With diverse cultural roots and a very long history, San Jose is the seat of Santa Clara County. It is the largest city in the San Francisco Bay area and the third largest by population in California. Now, it is the greatest technological hub of the world and the capital of Silicon Valley.

The documented history of San Jose dates back to 1769, when the European settlers started to establish settlements here. Before the arrival of the European settlers this area was occupied by several Ohlone Native American groups. With the founding of Presidio of Monterey by Junipero Serra in 1770 the first lasting European settlement came into existence in the area. In Late 1775 Juan Bautista de Anza started his expedition to bring New Spain or Mexican colonists to California. During his expeditions he selected the now San Jose area in the Santa Clara valley as a Pueblo or town settlement location. On 29 November 1777 Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga established the town Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe and thus the city of San Jose came into existence. Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe was primarily established as a farming community to produce and supply agricultural products to the surrounding military establishments like presidios of San Francisco and Monterey. It was the first ever of such civil establishments in Alta California.

In 1821 San Jose fell under Mexican Rule as a consequence of the Mexican separation from the Spanish crown. It continued to be under Mexican occupation till July 11, 1846, when Captain Thomas Fallon captured the town with a small army attacking from Santa Cruz during the Bear Flag Revolt. That was the formation of a very short lived independent California Republic. But shortly after the Mexican – American War broke out California Republic agreed to join the United States and Fallon raised an American Flag over the Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe on July 14. Later Fallon became the mayor of San Jose. In 1850 San Jose became the first state capital of California.

After being a small farming establishment for more than 130 years from its conception, with the advent of twentieth century, technology started to arise in the region. But even till the mid-century there were significant amount of underdeveloped land there. Gradually after the Second World War the region experienced rapid population growth along with technological progress. Due to these developments the transition of San Jose from an agricultural center to an urbanized metropolitan area was taking place. Before that the San Jose and the overall Santa Clara Valley was so much rich in agricultural production that its nickname was “The Valley of Heart’s Delight”. The name originated due to the delightful aroma of ripening fruits emitting out of the Santa Clara orchards. But by the 1970s the urbanization, due to the rapid technological growth, had finally turned the “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” into Silicon Valley.

And by the 1990s the high tech electronics industry booming within San Jose gifted the city with the title of “Capital of Silicon Valley”. Now, although San Jose is considered to be a global city, it is beset with some grave problems like rapid population growth and the speedy rise of housing costs due to the lack of sufficient amount of housing facilities available in the city to cope with the massive flow of in-migration. In 2008, the population of San Jose surpassed 1,000,000 for the first time; and from 1976 to 2001, San Jose's housing costs increased by 936%. It is now the tenth largest city by population in the United States. However, the policy makers and related offices are deeply concerned and are constantly working to mitigate and neutralize these issues.

In Home Care Facilities in San Jose

“There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,

The earth, and every common sight,

To me did seem

Apparell'd in celestial light”.

-William Wordsworth

Here, the poet is talking about the youth. When the time is young life seems beautiful. Everything seems clad in energy and joy. But time gradually brings forth old age and life seems to fade away into insensitivity and lethargy. But life in old age now can also be lived completely alive!Yes, we know, that we cannot defeat death yet; along with some other physical illnesses that we may not be able to fully remove. But that doesn’t mean life has to halt all together with age. Even seniors may live a very socially engaging, happy, healthy and hearty life. But how much they can manage depends upon the care and support they get from the people around. Being a social being we have always been prone to receiving support and lending support to others. We have to acknowledge that at the very beginning and at the very end of our lives we end up needing support the most.

San Jose Senior care facilities and institutions are there to be that support to our San Jose seniors! Well developed and dedicated humanitarian care facilities are pivotal to the well-being of a whole town. A society is an integrated whole of various elements. If all the sectors of a society is not well taken care of then the whole of it can never be fine. That we know. Hence, our city, San Jose, has thousands of professional caregivers, hundreds of caregiving facilities, institutions and nursing houses both private and public in nature.

Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Public Health, California Department of Aging and Social Services Agency are the main government bodies engaged in facilitating, organizing and monitoring statewide elderly care services and support. They are providing many beneficial senior care services along with financial and legal assistance. They are working and co-operating among themselves and with all the private care facilities to cater for every possible need of the senior demographic of San Jose.

Attention has been rightly put on all the areas required. The Adult Day Health Care (ADHC), Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS), The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services Program, Area Agencies on Aging, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), Local Multipurpose Senior Service Program (MSSP), Supportive Services Program etc. are some of the highly effective programs run by these government bodies. Yet there remains a vast scope for other private elder care facilities to take part in enlivening the lives of San Jose seniors.

The population is increasing fast along with the number of seniors. To care for this growing number of seniors in adequate manner the private elder care agencies has a very prominent role to play. However, we can proudly assert that, whatever we have now and whatever may be our achievements are in this sector; they are in no way under minable. We have many well-formed and accomplished senior care facilities providing quality professional care here in San Jose and they are doing a great job.

Services provided are all inclusive. Chore and personal care assistance, in-home care, elderly care, respite care, assisted living, housing assistance, meal services, transportation services, Meals on Wheels, communications services, and other social services. Comfort Keepers, however, has revolutionized the caregiving profession even more with their interactive caregiving approach.   

With these large arsenal of facilities it is definitely saddening that not all of our San Jose seniors are adequately taken care of. Not all get the opportunity to reach to the best possible care and support available here. Some may lack proper knowledge or information and some may lack the economic means. Whatever may be the reason; Comfort Keepers San Jose is dedicated to reach to every such seniors to kindle within their breast that celestial light of life itself once again!

Notable San Jose Seniors

Thanks to the Senior Care services of San Jose, our seniors are very much well taken care off. Many movers and shakers of our time are San Jose seniors now. We have many of our nation’s distinguished seniors now living in San Jose.

San Jose is home to many of the world’s famous athletes, actors, authors, politicians and technology big guns!


  • Peggy Fleming; Olympics gold medalist in Figure Skating.

  • Dan Gladden; baseball player, two-time World Series champion.

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  • Brent Jones; football player.

  • Carney Lansford; pro baseball player.

  • Dave Righetti; pro baseball player.


  • Tommie Smith; Olympic gold medalist; pro football player.


  • Rosanna DeSoto, actress

  • Fran Jeffries, singer and actress

  • Diane Rodriguez, theatre director, actor, writer

  • Adrienne Barbeau, actress

  • Jeff Foskett, guitarist and singer, best known for work with The Beach Boys


  • Amy Tan, best-selling novelist, author of The Joy Luck Club

  • Kay Ryan, poet, former Poet Laureate of the United States

  • Randy Stonehill, singer/songwriter


Silicon Valley Big Guns

  • Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer




  • Mike Honda, U.S. Representative