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Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Los Gatos, CA

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in Los Gatos

With the vision of eliminating all the deficiencies in the arena of senior care facilities of Los Gatos, Comfort Keepers In Home Care has been working here with a team of dedicated expert caregivers. We aim to cater for each and every need of our loved seniors in Los Gatos. 

Our trained and experienced caregivers have been serving our Los Gatos seniors for many years now and they have helped many families to cope up with the unique condition that the declining years bring forth. Through our Interactive Caregiving approach we have kept our Los Gatos seniors socially engaged and physically active. Above all we have ensured a happy, healthy and independent life within the ease, comfort and peace of their own homes. 

To serve our seniors with unwavering dedication and quality care we have designed the following elder care services. However, our services are not confined to these categories; these are only the major service areas.  

● In Home Care
● Interactive Caregiving
● Respite Care
● Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
● End of Life Care
● Transitioning Home

In all of our services and programs we strive to maintain the best quality care and support for our seniors so that the trust remains intact. The trust for which Comfort Keepers resides in millions of hearts and in memories of thousands of families.

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History and Culture of Los Gatos

It all began with the colonization of the San Francisco Bay area by the Spanish and Mexican colonizers that the history of the place literally start to be recorded. For Los Gatos it is also the same like all the other surrounding areas; and it is during the late 18th century that it all started to take place. 

When the early Spanish explorers and visionaries started to arrive in the region to establish their military, religious and economic presence many of them were granted huge portions of land as rewards to build ranches for their extraordinary work by the Spanish government; and later by the Mexicans after the Spanish-Mexican separation. One of such land grants of 6,600 acres were made to Sebastian Peralta and Jose Hernandez who made the first ever establishment in the form of a rancho where the present day Los Gatos is situated. Back then it was originally named as La Rinconada de Los Gatos. 

Gradually various other businesses, like flour mills, logging industries came into operation and in 1868 some 100 acres of the rancho was selected as the location for building up the new town.  The newly built town was incorporated in 1887. During these later years of 19th and the early parts of 20th century Los Gatos underwent significant amount of growth as an agricultural production powerhouse. Apricots, grapes and prunes. But gradually these orchards, logging, mills, canneries and other farming businesses gave way to the present day high tech, suburban and visitor oriented businesses. 

Due to being developed at a distance from other financial centers Los Gatos have a unique growth in all the sectors viz. residential, commercial and industrial areas. The railroad also played a vital role in the town’s development. Easy rail transportation from San Francisco and other nearby areas along with the soothing climate of Los Gatos contributed a lot in making it a well sought after tourist destination. It has retained its attraction for tourists even today with its charms. 

Being situated in the largest and still booming metropolitan area of Northern California and in close connection with the fast paced economy of the Silicon Valley Los Gatos has not lost the vibe of being a perfect small town with a unique mix of residential, industrial and commercial areas and demographics.

In Home Care Programs and Services in Los Gatos

Among the total population of Los Gatos 17.9% are above the age of 65 and another 32.0% are aged between 45 to 64. Besides, the senior population is increasing rapidly as more than 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 each new day in the US. 

However, our loved and respected seniors here in Los Gatos are well cared of. Seniors of Los Gatos have affordable access to some of the best quality senior care facilities, programs, and services. There are some very well reputed senior care services, nursing homes and assisted living centers here that are serving our loved seniors in Los Gatos. 

The Town of Los Gatos in collaboration with Los Gatos-Saratoga Community Education and Recreation plays a very significant role in providing educating, enriching and recreational services and resources along with other in home care programs in Los Gatos. There are some other government institutions that are providing financial, legal and care services and programs to our loved Los Gatos seniors. 

Along with these government services there are some very proficient and reputed private senior care facilities in Los Gatos that are catering for the elder care needs of the community. Some of these institutions are designed with specific criterion in mind and specializes in specific areas of senior care such as - Transportation and in home care services for seniors in Los Gatos, senior housing and home care services, Delivery services, Referral services etc. Along these lines Los Gatos also has some state of the art retirement communities, nursing homes and assisted living centers.  

But the matter of regret is that in spite of having such facilities and support programs 28% of seniors in Los Gatos are living alone without adequate care and supportive measures. Moreover, 22% of Los Gatos seniors are currently living below the poverty line and 19% of them have received food stamps last year. Amidst this condition with the increase in senior population the conditions may deteriorate even more, if we do not take adequate measures. 

In this vein we have to create more senior care facilities in Los Gatos and have to increase the number of trained professional caregivers. Besides, we also have to set up economic plans in place to tackle elder poverty.