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Understanding Home Care Services for Seniors

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Laguna Niguel, California.

How Home Care Services Help Seniors Age in Place

You would be surprised to find out that the majority of older adults in America are opting for senior home care services instead of the conventional retirement home option. This demand for home care provision has challenged home care providers to improve their service delivery. As a result, more attention is given to seniors who may be susceptible to cases of self-neglect. To find out more about the dangers of self-neglect for the elderly, what senior home care is, its benefits, and how Comfort Keepers can help - keep reading.

What Are the Dangers of Not Receiving Care?

Did you know that self-neglect constitutes more than 50% of elder abuse allegations that are reported to the Adult Protective Services? A report that was concluded by the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System found that these cases were alarmingly common. The thing is self-neglect in the elderly is a public health issue that threatens your health and safety. When you are unable to provide care for yourself through sufficient hygiene and medical care, it can impact your overall health.

When this happens, you will have difficulty performing essential daily tasks due to physical distress and cognitive impairment. It is crucial to take note of any cognitive disconnect in yourself or a loved one early to ensure that you can get the appropriate care urgently. Moreover, studies show that self-neglect is potentially life-threatening. When you do not receive proper care, it is easy for your health to deteriorate. This not only leads to chronic conditions, but it can also cause premature death in most seniors.

What Is Home Care for Older Adults?

There has been a growing trend of older adults who require assisted living services without losing their independence. Generally, these seniors will rely on their family members and close friends to help them with their limited mobility. However, professional home care services are able to provide the necessary support that can cater to the challenges and time-sensitive responsibilities of caring for someone.

This type of support depends on several factors. The kind of care that each individual needs should determine how much time will be allocated for each service. The different types of care needs vary, and they can include things like homemaking services, personal grooming, and light housework. These services can extend to more serious care needs for diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. In certain instances, these home care service providers partner up with different hospice care services.

To ensure that they are able to offer convenient home care services, these agencies also offer technological solutions to diversify their services. For example, electronic devices that can be used to ensure the safety of these older adults are provided to detect any potentially alarming signs that require immediate attention. They install a push-button system that allows you to request an emergency response unit in case of an emergency.

It should be noted that these home care services do not provide medical care services. However, they can partner up with agencies that can provide various home medical care services. This care includes several medical care services such as pain management, occupational and speech therapy, and any nursing care that can be requested when needed. If you are looking for innovative home health care, Laguna Niguel has various service providers that should assist you.

What Are the Benefits of Home Care for Older Adults?

The most obvious benefit of home care is that it provides an invaluable service to older adults who want to have the freedom of living at home. If you are looking for more reasons why this type of care should be considered, here are 5 reasons why in home care is often cited as the best choice for senior care:

  1. It allows an older adult to age in place.
  2. It's more affordable than living at a retirement home full time.
  3. It encourages seniors to socialize.
  4. The in-home benefits can be customized. (They always are with Comfort Keepers!)
  5. In home care (and respite care) frees up more time for family members who are primary caregivers.

The Takeaway

Senior home care is an essential way to combat self-neglect in older adults. It provides different services that are vital to ensure that your needs as an older adult are met at all times. You no longer need to worry about whom to call in an emergency. For home senior care Laguna Woods has a variety of options if you live in California. Home care is a great alternative that provides you with the freedom to maintain normalcy in your surroundings. This is essential to promote aging in place for many older adults.

While home care offers many benefits, it is still essential to know how to avoid self-neglect and the risks that are associated with it.  Contact Comfort Keepers today to find out what in home care options are available and how we can help customize a care plan for you and your loved one.