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Keeping Aged Loved Ones Active

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Laguna Niguel, California.

5 Ways to Keep Your Aging Loved One Active

The more a person ages, the less mobile they tend to be. This can be for a variety of reasons from their physical and mental capacities, such as dementia. In fact, 41 million Americans' mobility has been limited by a chronic condition. Because of this, 12 million are unable to live independently. But staying active at an older age can lend many health benefits, no matter your physical condition. If you have an aging love one, it could be in their best interest to keep them active. Even if they are in assisted living, you and the staff can encourage movement that won't put a strain on their aging bodies.

Each aging loved one may have medical conditions that would limit them differently from others so it is always a good idea to discuss mobility options with their doctors and the assisted living staff.

Go On Daily Walks

A simple walk can hold a lot of power. It gives you that fresh air and is low impact. It is recommended to walk for approximately 30 minutes a day. The walk doesn't need to be anywhere specific, as long as it keeps them moving. Make sure to keep pace with your loved one so as not to put a strain on them.

Some assisted living facilities even offer walking clubs. If you're unable to join them in their walk, this is the perfect activity they can sign up for. It keeps them social, active and may even give them a nice view.

Take Up Swimming

Swimming is another simple low impact exercise that works the heart and is easy on the muscles. Give your loved ones a chance to work on their backstroke by swimming a few laps or encourage them to join a water aerobics class. Every aging loved one differs in their ability to move so luckily there are many water exercises you can do in a pool from water jogging to leg swings.

Swimming also has emotional benefits and is known to improve mood by releasing endorphins, increase social activity, and improve sleep quality.

Learn Yoga

Yoga can definitely seem intimidating and complicated at first. But the great thing about yoga is that there are different moves and levels for every person's range of motion and flexibility. Yoga is meant to improve flexibility, improve posture, strengthen joints, improve muscle health, and so much more.

If your loved one is someone who is restricted to a chair, they can still engage in yoga. This is one of those exercises where your loved one needs to listen to their body. If they should ever feel pain, they need to stop. Yoga should be a gentle exercise to make them feel better, not worse.

Pick Up a Hobby

It's never too late to learn something new. Many different assisted living services offer different classes that your loved one can join. An added benefit of joining a class is staying socially active. If your loved one is in senior home care, you can partake in these activities with them.

They can take up painting, gardening, play board games, or learn woodworking. There are so many options, they are bound to find something they love. Painting encourages improved motor skills and encourages self-expression. Gardening will get your loved one outside and in tune with nature again. It is its own form of therapy. Board games encourage social activity and can bring out their fun competitiveness. For those that used their hands to build things as their profession, it's good to note that it's still possible now. From building birdhouses to refurbishing furniture, can encourage their creative side again.

Get On the Dance Floor

Dancing gets the body moving. Dancing has been and will always be popular. Give your loved ones a chance to engage in the style of dance they enjoyed growing up. It'll help promote heart health, mobility, and engage the brain because of learning new dance moves. Dancing is also an activity that can be done at one's own pace so that there is no strain on one's body. The great thing about dance is that it can be done solo or with a partner.

Staying active is something that should be done from when you are all the way up to when you're a senior. By encouraging your loved one to stay active while in senior care, you are encouraged their mental and physical health as well. There are so many health benefits to staying active that it, in turn, encourages their emotional health. Remember to get clearance from their doctor and have your loved one know their limits for their mobility. You may begin to see their quality of life improve and even see a whole new side of them.

Comfort Keepers not only provides quality in home care but also senior companionship and we can help keep your senior active, Contact us today online or call (949) 481-6900 for more information or to request a free in home assessment.