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In Home Senior Care Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Laguna Niguel, California.

What Are the Different Services In-Home Care Providers Offer?

Senior home care is a great way to ensure your aging loved ones are receiving the necessary help they need while maintaining their sense of independence. From personal care to in-home companionship, senior home care providers offer a wide range of services. But what exactly are the services that are offered?

It's important to research the different services offered by senior home care providers to ensure the senior home care you choose is a good fit for your aging loved ones. Here are some of the most common types of senior home care services offered so you know what to look for when researching assisted living at home for your loved one.

Light housekeeping

Because of their reduced mobility and balance, it can be tricky for seniors to keep up with their housekeeping to ensure their home stays in good shape. This can be dangerous because clutter left around on the floors can increase your loved one's risk of tripping, falling, and seriously injuring themselves.

Being unable to clean for long periods of time also puts your aging loved one at risk for health issues and infection because they can't keep their homes clean and disinfected against viruses like the flu. It's a good idea to consider looking for senior home care services that offer light housekeeping like sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, and straightening up. This will ensure your loved one's home is clear and clean throughout the week.


Many seniors experience depression as they age because they're not able to move around as much as they used to. This can cause them to live a more solitary lifestyle, which can be especially lonely if your loved one lives far away from their friends or the rest of their family. Consider choosing a senior home care service that offers companionship and conversation to help improve your loved one's quality of life. Companionship can also be a great way to keep your aging loved one's mind sharp while making them feel happier and more fulfilled every day.

Meal preparation

Just like with housekeeping, it can be tricky for your aging loved one to stay up and moving around for a long period of time to make themselves the nutritious and healthy food they need. Because of this, many seniors suffer from malnutrition and dehydration. Look for in-home care services that provide nutrition and meal preparation services to ensure your loved one is getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy. This can come especially in handy if your loved one has a special diet they need to follow for a medical condition. About 41 million Americans have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes.

Laguna Woods In Home Personal Care for SeniorsHygiene maintenance

Proper hygiene is crucial for the overall health and wellbeing of your loved one. Not only is personal grooming essential for maintaining your health but it also helps them keep up their sense of self-esteem. However, the fear of falling, especially while bathing, can keep many seniors from taking care of themselves. That said, be sure to check whether the in-home care service you're considering has hygiene maintenance and assistance available as one of their key services. Services like Comfort Keepers can assist with shaving, hair styling, shampooing, and other grooming needs to give your loved one their confidence back.

Mobility assistance

As we age, we begin to lose our sense of balance. This can make walking around the house and getting around from place to place difficult and even dangerous. Falling is a real danger and it can have grave consequences both physically and emotionally for seniors. However, getting around is important for your aging loved one not only to do shopping, personal grooming, or cook but also to get up and stretch for proper health. Look for in-home care services that have the experience and expert training to assist your aging loved one with moving around the house.

Are you looking for senior home care near Laguna Woods? Comfort Keepers is the senior home care service for you. We offer all of the services listed above so you can find the senior living care you need all in one place. To learn more about our services or dementia home care, contact Comfort Keepers today. We would love to hear from you.