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Common Alzheimer's and Dementia Behavior

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Common Dementia Care Behavior in Opelika, AL

What are some common behaviors seen in dementia care?

There are a lot of personality and behavior changes that happen in people with dementia, which makes caring for them hard. When things get difficult for your older loved one but you have patience, compassion, creativity, and flexibility, there are ways to deal with them and make their life better. People who work with people with dementia see these things:


Agitation is a common problem for people with dementia. It can be hard to sleep, be irritable, or act in a way that is physical or verbal. If you're tired, scared, or living in a bad environment, you might get agitated. Agitation can also happen when a senior feels like they're not in charge. To reduce agitation, you can keep a loved one's room free of clutter and noise, make sure they stick to their schedule, cut back on sugar and caffeine, remove dangerous objects, and play soothing music while speaking in a calm and pleasant way. It can also help to let the elderly be as independent as possible, say people who work with people with dementia.


People with dementia often walk around aimlessly because they are bored, have a side effect from a medicine, or are looking for something or someone. It can happen when they want a drink, are hungry, or need to go into the bathroom. Putting in locks that require a key or a home security system, telling neighbors about your elderly loved one's wandering and giving them your phone number, and making sure your elderly loved one always wears an ID bracelet are all ways to keep them safe.


It is normal for a senior to lose control of their bladder or intestines as dementia progresses. To avoid accidents, assist your loved one in developing a toileting regimen, purchasing incontinence supplies, asking a urologist to prescribe a product, and limiting fluid intake before night. 

Although caring for someone with dementia can be irritating and stressful, it is critical to treat them with respect and take efforts to lessen the intensity or frequency of these behaviors. Contact us today at (334) 749-8461 to learn more about our alzheimer's and dementia care services.