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Seniors Dealing with Pain

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Comfort Keepers At Home Care in Green Bay, WI: Senior Citizens and Dealing with Pain

At Home Care Experts - Comfort Keepers of Green Bay, WI discuss how you can help your loved one deal with pain

Senior citizens experience pain just like any other age group, but their pain may be overlooked or undertreated and this can lead to serious problems later on down the road. Pain needs to be addressed, whether it is acute or chronic. At home care experts know that there are many different types of pain that a senior may experience and when it is not treated, they may find themselves stuck in their home or constantly canceling plans to stay home and nurse their sore joints.

Pain does not have to become a way of life and it can be managed properly, but seniors need to speak with their care physicians to ensure that it is addressed. Since pain cannot be seen, it needs to be explained the best way you know how.

How to Identify Aches vs. Chronic Pain

There are several ways that you can identify an ache and chronic pain. First, an ache will often occur after an injury or after something has occurred. For instance, if you catch a cold, your throat may become sore or you may have a headache that causes throbbing. These are types of acute pain, which means they occur, but they disappear soon after.

Chronic pain is pain that does not disappear and persists for 6 months or more. This type of pain is common with arthritis or a back injury.

Typical Types of Pain Elderly People Suffer From

At home care providers know that eniors can suffer from a variety of different conditions or diseases that cause pain and some of these conditions are more likely seen in the elderly community over other age groups. It is important to watch for and identify signs and symptoms quickly, so that treatment can be rendered.

Some of the typical types of pain experienced by seniors include:

·       Nerve or back pain

·       Headaches or migraines

·       Arthritis

·       Fibromyalgia

·       And more

Medical Treatments and Non-Medical At Home Care Treatments to Help Relieve Pain for a Senior

There are a number of medical and non-medical treatments that work to relieve the pain that a senior may be suffering from in their life. The type of treatment that is best for you will depend on what your doctor suggests and the exact condition the senior has.

Some of the most common medical treatments include pain medication, over-the-counter medications, therapies, and steroidal injections.

Some of the most common non-medical treatments include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Comfort Keepers and how our team can help your loved one manage pain, call our at home care office today.