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Seniors and Immunizations

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Comfort Keepers Homecare Experts Say It’s Important For Seniors To Have Immunizations in Green Bay, WI

Is your senior loved one protected against deadly diseases? Comfort Keepers homecare discusses the importance of senior immunizations in Green Bay, WI

When you think of vaccines, you may think about young children or even infants. While they do receive vaccines regularly, seniors need vaccines as well. In fact, as many as 45,000 people die each and every year from diseases that are prevented by vaccines. This is because many seniors and adults never even get vaccinated or they do not update their vaccines. Homecare experts around the U.S recognize that technology and our knowledge of disease and illness has advanced, which means many new vaccines have come out – many of which older seniors may have never received.

Seniors who are 65 and older are, unfortunately, at the highest risk for complications from illness and disease. This means that they may require hospitalizations, 24 hour homecare or worse should something go wrong. There are some specific vaccines that seniors should receive based on expert recommendations and those include the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, and Tdap.

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine helps to prevent against the flu. Many seniors will avoid this vaccine because they think it will give them the flu or they think that it is not needed. While the flu is simple enough in itself, it can cause a lot of complications that may lead to extended illness and hospitalization. Homecare experts let their senior clients know that this vaccine is often available from September through to April.

Shingles Vaccine

The shingles vaccine has not been around for only a few short years, but it is highly recommended by homecare experts for those seniors aged 60 and older. The shingles illness is very painful and causes you to develop a red blistery rash on the skin. The vaccine is able to decrease your risk of the illness by up to 50 percent and it can minimize the severity of the symptoms too.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumonia is a serious illness that affects seniors and leads to as many as 60,000 deaths per year. Seniors who are at a higher risk for this illness should have the vaccine based on homecare expert recommendations. This vaccine is a one-time shot that is administered, typically, at your doctor’s office.

 Tdap Vaccine

The Tdap vaccine is recommended for seniors who are 64 and younger with the pertussis component. Those seniors who are 65 and older should receive the traditional tetanus shot.

If you have any questions about immunizations, it is important to speak with your primary care physician, who can recommend what vaccines you should or should not receive.