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Manassas, Virginia
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Call (703) 686-4820 | 9720 Capital Court Suite #100, Room 2, Manassas, Virginia 20110 Coronavirus update
9720 Capital Court Suite #100, Room 2, Manassas, Virginia 20110 Coronavirus update

Discharge and Post-Rehab Senior Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Manassas, Virginia.

Bridge to Home

Serving Seniors in Manassas and surrounding areas of Virginia.

Reliable Home Care - No Matter Where You Are

Being in a hospital and the return home from a hospital or a rehab clinic presents a unique set of challenges from seniors. Often there are additional prescriptions and medications that need to be managed and taken in a timely manner. Follow up doctor's appointments and visits from physical therapists are the rule not the exception.

Without additional support many seniors are often readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of being discharged. This is preventable with a little planning and some temporary caregiver help. Our professional client care coordinators and caregivers are trained and ready to assist you and or loved one during this critical time.

Preparing for Discharge

As early as possible, you should start gathering some basic information and begin planning for discharge.

Some Questions to Answer Before Discharge:

  • Will you being going home? A family members home?
  • Are there stairs where you are going? Will you need assistance walking?
  • Are there special supplies you will need? (Some of these include wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen and disposable sanitary items)
  • How will you get to doctor's appointments?
  • Who will pick up your prescriptions?
  • Who will prepare your meals? Will there be special dietary considerations?
  • What level of care will you need? Will you need personal care?
  • How long will you need assistance?

How Our Caregivers Can Help

  1. Communication - our caregivers can help insure there is an open channel of communication between all the different therapists and professionals involved with your senior's discharge and transition. We also pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communication with family members regarding what their seniors are doing and their progress.
  2. Implementation - we write a customized plan of care that ensures your senior's discharge program is documented and followed including any dietary restrictions, rehabilitative exercises, picking up prescription medications, transportation to doctors appointments and other activities as directed by your senior's medical team.
  3. Documentation - we not only design a custom care plan for every one of our clients, we also document anything related to their care while we are present. This includes how well your senior is eating (including adherence to dietary restrictions, changes in their appetite, and how much food is consumed); which assigned exercises were attempted or completed and any other activities associated with their care. When we are with our clients, we continuously monitor them for any changes in condition and notify the appropriate parties as needed.

Our caregivers provide these services in a senior's home and at a variety of locations throughout Prince William County including assisted living facilities, rehabilitative clinics and independent senior living communities. We also serve the Centerville and Gainesville communities.

Regardless of why your senior is in a rehabilitative setting or engaged in a rehabilitative program - we work to support the program to help your senior restore their fitness and strength to levels at or above what they were prior to their hospitalization.

For a free on location or in home assessment contact our office online or call us at 703-686-4820.