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Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Call (540) 205-8743 | 304 Westwood Office Park, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 Coronavirus update
304 Westwood Office Park, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 Coronavirus update

Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

End of Life Care & Palliative Care Support in Fredericksburg, VA, and Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers® provides physical and emotional support with end of life care and can assist your palliative care provider.  

During the final days of a terminal illness, your loved one may prefer the comfort and familiarity of home, surrounded by family and friends. While you, of course, want to spend as much time as possible with your loved one, taking care of daily activities can become physically and emotionally challenging. Comfort Keepers® end of life care & palliative care support is here to help you and your loved one during this trying time so that you can spend more quality time together.

How Comfort Keepers End of Life Care Can Help

Comfort Keepers can coordinate with medical providers and hospice agencies to provide your loved one with the best care possible. Our caregivers, the people we call Comfort Keepers®, can assist with everyday tasks, so you can focus on your loved one. These tasks can include

  • dressing, bathing, grooming, and toileting assistance for your loved one;
  • laundry services done according to your preferences;
  • meal preparation to help the family maintain a nutritious diet; and more.
  • assisting palliative care provider

Our Comfort Keepers are there to offer both you and your loved one emotional support. If you need to talk, we are there to listen.

Comfort Keepers can also help you and your family after your loved one has passed. Our Comfort Keepers can help with organizing and moving personal items and belongings and providing emotional support for family members during the grieving process. 

To learn more about how Comfort Keepers of Fredericksburg can help you and your family with end of life-care and palliative care support, call us today or;

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