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Comfort Keepers Reviews in Ithaca

From seniors to their families to our support team and caregivers, we have an incredible network of exceptionally caring people who chose Comfort Keepers. Read more about what people are saying about Comfort Keepers in reviews for our in-home care, employment, and local franchise ownership.

I always look forward my Aide visiting me. She is awesome, she knows exactly what to do. She is friendly, courteous, and a joy to have around. She is wonderful at what she does and always on time. She is my Angel

Marilyn C

"I’ve been with Comfort Keepers for 6 years, and I love every minute of my job! When I applied for a job at Comfort Keepers, I had no idea what it was about. When I noticed the camaraderie amongst the employers and employees, also reading the mission policy, I noticed how hard everyone was working toward the same goal, that really impressed me. I will always be a Comfort Keeper and every year I get better and better at what I do. I hope I receive a Comfort Keeper when I become old because I’ll enjoy the same care I’ve given to each and every one of my clients."

Renee M.

"Being a caregiver means the world to me. God has been good to me, and I am so happy to be taking care of my clients. Thank you very much for this reward!"

Ida B.

"I chose to become a Comfort Keeper because I wanted a rewarding career. Being a Comfort Keeper has given my life worth and has made me a better person, which in turn I can give back to them. I am helping my clients, but the truth is that they are helping ME!" "I am rewarded daily as I see my clients smile when I come to their homes and make their time more valuable as a senior. I truly enjoy when I see my clients faces light up when I tend to their needs, as I would my own parents or family members. Seniors need to feel valued at this time of their life and want someone to listen to their life's great stories, which we can all learn by. Knowing you improved someone's life is so invaluable. I love being a Comfort Keeper!"

Yolande R.

"I enjoy the warm feelings I get from my clients after a shift. They look forward to my visits with them because sometimes I am the light of their day. I can leave a shift with tears in my eyes from the appreciation of my dementia client, or with pride when the ones who are able, get their wings and begin to take care of themselves once again.
I enjoy working for an employer where the employees are as important as the clients. Comfort Keepers provides valuable training and supportive office staff. As one past award winner said, 'Clients leave a footprint in your heart.' ”

Theresa A.

"I love being able to give back to the community, lending a helping hand to those who need one, and most of all seeing the smile I bring to the client’s face when I walk through the door. To me, being a Comfort Keeper means doing what I love where I can demonstrate the values of life that I strongly believe in. I believe all people should be treated with honor, dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances. I love to come to work and I look forward to each working day for the different challenges I know it will bring. This is truly a wonderful work family."

Shakeria F.

"So many people do NOT have a career they love. I cannot begin to describe the joy it brings me to give comfort to our clients as well as their families. I feel I bring the client independence and the family peace of mind. I become a part of their family and treat them as if they were part of mine. God has blessed my life."

Marilyn R.

"What being a Comfort Keeper has meant to my life would take too long to tell because I’ve been blessed by so many things. I am very honored to know that I have made a difference in the lives of my clients, and that they have trusted me to come into their homes to care for them. I am thankful that God has blessed me with love and compassion and put the desire in my heart to be a Comfort Keeper. I leave each client’s home so blessed and lifted up. I truly enjoy my work."

Glenda H.

"When I first became a Comfort Keeper, I did not realize at the time that I was led here and how this job would choose me and the people that I would encounter. Every one of them would touch my heart in some way. It is not often that you feel truly valued as an employee or feel that your input matters, but at Comfort Keepers I am truly valued as an employee and person. I know everyday what I do matters; I know everyday I am giving my clients a reason, a purpose, and I get so much more in return."

Jeanie E.

"I became a Comfort Keeper so I can help give the elderly the respect and care they deserve. I enjoy seeing their faces when they achieve something new or do something that they didn’t think they would ever do again. Being a Comfort Keeper lets me do the things with my clients that other places are not able to do on a one-on-one basis. It is very important to our clients that they know someone is there to help them and to listen to what they have to say."

Norma N.

"I became a Comfort Keeper to assist, help keep our clients in their own homes, make their lives simpler, and help them accomplish as much as they can. I enjoy the interactions with my clients and learning about their life experiences. Being a Comfort Keeper has enriched my life by more than I could ever imagine. I enjoy the people that I interact with. Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever expect that I would be caregiving for seniors on a regular basis, nor how much they have changed my life and outlook."

Patty T.

"I chose to become a Comfort Keeper because I get great joy out of serving seniors. I am currently in nursing school and taking care of seniors is a great experience and privilege. I wanted to work somewhere that I could make a difference in peoples’ lives, and I knew Comfort Keepers was that place. Comfort Keepers is different from any other place I have worked. In the six plus years that I have been employed at Comfort Keepers, I have come to know that it is truly a company that cares for its employees and clients. The other places I have worked are task oriented, but Comfort Keepers is relationship oriented. Even our mission statement is different: to treat each of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, as though we are caring for a member of our own family."

Shandra P.

"I chose to become a Comfort Keeper to help people and make their lives a little easier and happier. The part I enjoy the most about being a Comfort Keeper is that I get to know my clients like family. I love to spend time with them. I also try to find activities for them and make daily living easier and fun for them. Comfort Keepers has helped me learn a lot about making new friends and appreciating life. I realize that my clients may not be around forever, but they will always be in my heart."

Debbie D.

"No other group gave me the support of a well-organized staff and an ongoing educational program essential for the development of a well-informed, equipped caregiver. Comfort Keepers’ mission and vision translates to a true desire for each of their employees to utilize their training, talents and experiences for success. This success translates into our providing clients with exceptional food preparation, cleaning, and so on… but most importantly, providing an environment of compassionate care, safety, and happiness as they age with dignity. There is no greater satisfaction than to see someone’s life improve because of the joint efforts of you and your co-caregivers! I was born to be a caregiver… I choose to be a Comfort Keeper."

Louise D.