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Our Home Care Agency Can Help Provide Your Loved Ones with Incontinence Care at Home

Learn how to start the conversation with your loved one and more

Your elderly loved ones are more likely to talk to you about their experiences during the war than they are about their battle with adult incontinence. The reason why is that being unable to control their bowels or bladder is a source of embarrassment to them, one they wish to hide from the world. Yet if you can provide them with the right program of incontinence care at home, they could continue to enjoy spending time with family and friends accident-free.

You might be shocked at how many people in America live with adult incontinence:

  • More than half of all seniors in nursing homes in the US have urinary incontinence.
  • In the US there are more than 25 million people over 40 with some level of incontinence.
  • More than half of Americans over 40 have problems with incontinence.

While the number of adults living with incontinence is higher than most people realize, the number of people working to provide incontinence care at home is just as high, if not higher. Yet, you don't hear much about this topic in the news or anywhere else because those living with adult incontinence prefer to keep it secret.  Our home care agency is here to help your family start the conversation and bring the support your loved one needs.

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Do You Know What Type of Adult Incontinence Your Love One is Living With?

Sure, you know that your loved one is living with incontinence, but do you realize there are six different types of urinary and bowel adult incontinence all of which may require specialized incontinence care at home. The six types of adult incontinence are:

  1. Overflow Incontinence – a blockage in the person's urinary tract, prevents the flow of urine.
  2. Functional Incontinence – the person doesn't realize it's time to go to the toilet.
  3. Urge Incontinence – or an overactive bladder results from involuntary muscle spasms.
  4. Stress Incontinence – caused by coughing, sneezing, or bending over.
  5. Mixed Incontinence – a mixture of both stress and urge incontinence.
  6. Mixed Incontinence – a mixture of both emotional and physical stress.
  7. Mixed Incontinence – a mixture of both emotional and physical stress.

Think Adult Incontinence is Only for Those Aged 60 and Up?

If you think the only people affected by adult incontinence are those aged 60 and up, you should think again. According to a survey conducted by the National Association for Continence, 20 percent of Americans over the age of 40 have some form of incontinence. While there are certain medical conditions and medicines that can cause a person to become incontinent, there are several other issues that should be considered as you work on finding the right incontinence care at home, including:

  • Stress
  • Medical Issues
  • Medications
  • Irregular bathroom habits
  • Diet

Is There a Cure for Adult Incontinence?

This is a very reasonable question, the answer to which that in most cases with the right incontinence care at home, it is possible to manage this condition making it possible for your loved one to lead a "normal" life. However, you must be prepared to do your part in helping your loved to reach a point at which they have more control of their bladder and bowels. You can help by:

  • Talking to their doctor and if necessary, making changes to their medications.
  • Monitoring and adjusting their eating habits.
  • Creating a bathroom schedule and helping them to stick to it.
  • Making sure they exercise including doing Kegels.

Do Comfort Keepers Caregiver Know How to Help?

Our home care agency trains all caregivers, regardless of experience, before allowing them to care for seniors. Among the many services they offer are:

  • Developing a bathroom schedule based on monitoring.
  • Assisting with toileting.
  • Monitoring food and drink intake.
  • Developing a bathroom schedule based on monitoring.
  • Teaching exercises that help such as Kegels.
  • Connecting them with support groups.
  • Helping to plan outings by locating restrooms along the way and at their destination

When You Are Ready to Talk to Your Loved One

At some point, you will need to talk to your loved one about finding the right incontinence care.

When this time comes, be sure you:

  • Find a time and place where you can do so in private, where your loved one can talk without being embarrassed.
  • Take it slow and easy, trying to push too fast may make your loved one nervous and cause them to stop talking.
  • Aren't trying to be pushy as this can hurt your loved one's feelings and leave them feeling very uncomfortable.

We found a few websites that are loaded with information about adult incontinence.

When your loved one is ready to accept professional incontinence care at home, contact Comfort Keepers home care agency of Port Huron, MI at (810) 207-3453. We can schedule a free care consultation with one of our Care Managers to talk about the care your loved one needs and work together to develop a care plan they can be happy with.

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