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Comprehensive Post-Hospital Care Services for Seniors in Davenport, IA by Comfort Keepers: Your Trusted Partner in Recovery and Wellness

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We can provide comfort and support as your loved one transitions from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to their home with our in-home care services in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, LeClaire, and the surrounding areas.

The period right after a hospital stay can play a crucial role in the well-being and recuperation of a cherished individual. Studies suggest that the lack of sufficient support and care after undergoing surgery or experiencing a major hospital stay can lead to a delayed recovery or even the necessity for readmission.

Relatives frequently assume the responsibility of tending to a cherished family member following a hospitalization, but they may discover that they lack the proper training or readiness to tackle the physical and emotional demands of such caregiving. That is why Comfort Keepers provides in-home post-hospital care services in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, LeClaire, and the surrounding communities to facilitate a smoother transition back home.

Post-Hospital Challenges

Throughout the typical process of hospital care, a senior may experience various factors that can potentially harm their overall well-being, such as lack of sleep, disturbances to their routine, inadequate nutrition, physical decline resulting from extended bed rest, and medications that interfere with their cognitive and physical capabilities.

Numerous seniors find themselves readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged or having surgery. Upon coming back to their homes, elderly individuals are frequently faced with the challenge of managing their daily routines, which can potentially endanger their physical and emotional health. Through our post-hospital care services, our empathetic caregivers are able to support seniors in remembering to take their prescribed medications, positioning themselves properly, and attending crucial follow-up appointments.

Hospital-to-Home Care for Seniors

By following discharge care plans, our caregivers can help older adults stay safe at home and reduce the chances of re-injury or being readmitted to the hospital. Our caregivers have extensive knowledge of disease management and providing support to seniors. Comfort Keepers will communicate with both the client's family and their physician to ensure that everyone is informed about the individual's progress. Our specialized in-home care services are designed to promote a swift and secure recovery within the comfort of one's own home.

In addition, to support with personal care routines and domestic chores, our caregivers can help with:

  • Support of the care plan to accelerate the recovery process

  • Communication with medical teams and families

  • Peace of mind for family and friends

  • Transportation for follow-up appointments

  • Assistance with cleaning, cooking, and running errands

How Our Caregivers Can Aid in the Recovery Process

Our dedicated caregivers are extensively educated to provide assistance to older adults in preserving their autonomy, feeling of belonging, and overall health throughout the entire country. At Comfort Keepers, our caregivers aid seniors in enhancing their lives by ensuring their safety, happiness, and well-being, whether it involves accompanying them to appointments or helping them prepare nutritious meals.

In addition to being highly qualified and trained in infection control, our professional caregivers are prepared to give your loved one a clean home, freshly prepared meals, personal help, and to handle errands and shopping.

Our compassionate caregivers will collaborate with you, your cherished senior, and their existing care team to create a personalized care plan that fulfills the unique requirements of your loved one during their recovery period at home. In addition to the typical companion and personal care services Comfort Keepers offers, we can modify services to meet the needs of seniors who have certain medical requirements, such as:

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Pneumonia

  • Heart attacks

In-Home Companionship Services

Loneliness and isolation can be particularly challenging for seniors after a hospital stay. Our companion care services in Davenport are designed to provide not only practical assistance but also a friendly presence that brightens their days.

Engaging Conversations: Our caregivers are skilled in sparking meaningful conversations, reminiscing about memories, and discussing current interests. These interactions help alleviate feelings of loneliness and keep seniors mentally stimulated.

Reducing Isolation: We understand the importance of social connections. Our caregivers are there to provide companionship, making sure seniors feel valued and engaged in their surroundings.

Hobbies and Activities: Whether it's engaging in games, solving puzzles, diving into books, or enjoying leisurely strolls, our compassionate caregivers actively support and join in activities that resonate with the personal interests of your beloved family member.

Company: We provide companionship services for seniors, accompanying them to appointments, outings, and events, so they can continue to partake in their beloved activities beyond the confines of their homes.

Emotional Well-being: Our caregivers provide a supportive presence during challenging times, offering a listening ear and a compassionate heart to help seniors cope with emotions.

In-Home Personal Care Services

Seniors' well-being depends on maintaining independence and personal hygiene. Our personal care services are created to give them the assistance they require while upholding their autonomy and sense of dignity.

Bathing, Grooming, and Hygiene Assistance: Our caregivers offer discreet and respectful assistance with bathing, showering, grooming, and maintaining personal hygiene routines.

Mobility Support and Fall Prevention: By helping seniors move comfortably throughout their homes, we put safety first. Our caregivers offer hands-on support with walking, utilizing mobility devices, and transferring while also employing fall-prevention techniques to prevent injuries. 

Incontinence Care with Dignity: Our caregivers offer assistance with changing and handling incontinence products, always placing the senior's comfort and dignity first. Our personal care services promote independence whenever possible while providing kind and considerate support when necessary to empower seniors.

Compassionate Post-Hospital Care With Comfort Keepers

Your senior loved one can recover in the comfort of home with the help of in-home post-hospital care services in Davenport. Contact Comfort Keepers if you want to make sure that your loved one's physical, mental, and emotional needs are being met every day. Call us at (563) 424-7777 to find out how our caregivers can offer your loved one in Davenport the post-hospital support they need when they need it.