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Home Care Assistance after a Stroke in Bettendorf

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Davenport, Iowa.

Home Care Assistance After a Stroke in Bettendorf

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Three-Fourths of All Strokes Happen to Those Over 65

A stroke can happen at any age, but they usually occur after 65 years old, when the body is most susceptible. The risk factors related to stroke victims can come in a frustratingly wide variety—including high blood pressure, hypertension, genetics, gender, tobacco usage, heart disease, diabetes, weight, age, and medications. 

Strokes Come in Three Main Types, with Many Overlapping Symptoms

The symptoms of a stroke are commonly cited as a “falling” of the left half of a person’s face or body. This paralysis doesn’t happen in every case of a stroke, however, since different strokes affect different aspects of a victim’s body. 

Hemorrhagic strokes occur within one’s brain; during this event, a blood vessel may leak or burst, causing damage to itself and the surrounding area. Ischemic strokes, on the other hand, occur due to a blocked artery, causing a reduction of blood flow to the brain. Other times a stroke can happen due to a transient ischemic attack, or “mini-stroke,” with temporary symptoms. 

Our Comfort Keepers caregivers are familiar with the signs of a stroke and know that catching it early and getting treatment can lessen the damage and even save a life. Those suffering from symptoms should never wait for them to disappear. Doing so will only cause more damage. Stroke symptoms can include any of the following:

  • Neck stiffness 

  • Vomiting

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Paralysis of the face or body

  • Confusion or trouble understanding

  • Trouble seeing, speaking, or walking

Seniors Leaving the Hospital After Their Stroke Will Require Help at Home

No matter how tough your senior is, they will require help once they return home from the hospital. Physical changes may lead to isolation, insecurity, depression, or anxiety. The time following a hospital release is the most critical, as they get a taste of their new life; this sort of change can quickly become overwhelming. Comfort Keepers offers seniors home care assistance after a stroke in Bettendorf that will benefit every senior once they come home: 

Companionship Care and Compassion

Comfort Keepers provides every senior with the compassion and dignity they deserve. Our caregivers are uniquely trained to give every person a chance to engage meaningfully in activities stimulating their minds and abilities. It’s our goal that all seniors can find the moments of joy that happen each day—and with our companion care services, our caregivers are there to help this happen. 

Personal, Uplifting Care 

Comfort Keepers also provides personal care, assisting with personal hygiene and general housework. Comfort Keepers aims to give our clients the highest level of home care assistance after a stroke in Bettendorf. When clients receive our services, they can count on receiving high-quality home care that helps them remain independent for as long as possible.  A longer duration of independence means a higher quality of life, so staying home is the best option for all parties. 

Reliable Home Care Assistance After a Stroke in Bettendorf

Comfort Keepers is honored to provide seniors and in-need adults the opportunity to live fulfilling and independent lives. Contact Comfort Keepers of Davenport to learn more about our home care services in Bettendorf and surrounding areas.