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2533 US Highway 27 S, Sebring, Florida 33870 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services Provide Special Diet Help for Seniors in Sebring, FL and Surrounding Areas

Our caregivers are able to help provide cooking and special diet help with our senior home care services in Sebring, FL

Seniors often have to take medication, can’t chew tough foods and are on restricted diets. Nutritionists and doctors may offer dietary plans to follow that allow a senior to maintain a healthy weight and avoid any adverse side effects related to food and the medications that they take.

Comfort Keepers’ senior home care services work with seniors, following the plan outlined by their doctors, to ensure that they consume the right foods in the right quantities. We can help seniors worry less about their meal plans with meal prep and planning services, too.

Calories are Key to Weight Maintenance

Calories play an important role in the health of a senior. When seniors consume too many calories, they gain weight and are at risk of losing their mobility and stamina. Proper nutrition allows a senior to keep their weight under control with less:

  • Skipping of meals
  • Eating prepackaged meals
  • Going out to eat fast food

Our senior home care services help seniors stay on track and organized with their diet plan. 

Medication Complications

Medication complications can occur with some foods. Different medications have different requirements, and these requirements may include:

  • Food restrictions
  • Food sensitivities

Physicians will, typically, create nutrition plans that account for sensitivities and medication requirements. The key most important thing is to eliminate complications. A simple change in the time a person eats or when a person takes their medication can make a world of difference.

Our senior home care providers will follow doctors’ orders, provide a schedule that meets physician care plan guidelines and also offer medication reminders to seniors.

Our senior home care services are just part of the process. While we follow a routine and techniques that we’ve honed throughout the years, we also know that there are times when professional help is needed for diet and nutrition. We have access to nutritionists and doctors that can address any dietary concerns or issues promptly.

Once a diet plan is designed that meets the needs of our clients, we’ll help them follow the plan.

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