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Companion Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Benefits of Companion Care in Jacksonville, FL

Our caregivers explain how companion care can improve their overall health and happiness

Aging in the comfort of home is becoming the new norm. That's music to the ears of seniors who want to grow old surrounded by the people, places, and things they most cherish. Comfort Keepers of Jacksonville, FL, is already supporting older adults in the wider community. We offer an extensive and flexible range of senior solutions for in home care to meet modern demands. Keep reading to find out how a home health aide can help to improve your life or the life of an aging relative in Jacksonville.

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A lot of seniors don't let on about what's really going on in the privacy of their own minds. Despite this, we know that loneliness is a huge problem amongst older adults today. The University of California carried out a study to look into this. They found that 43% of seniors experienced feelings of loneliness on a regular basis. Comfort Keepers in Jacksonville understands how detrimental loneliness can be. It's why we offer special companion care as an important part of our senior care services.

The Role of a Friendly Home Health Aide

Some seniors live alone, but are never lonely. Then some seniors don't live alone, yet they're incredibly lonely. This tells us that aloneness and loneliness are two different entities.  It's not relationships that matter but how meaningful they are. Either way, a qualified home health aide from Comfort Keepers can help clients to re-engage with life and fend off loneliness once and for all.

There's a very human element to what Comfort Keepers do. Our companion care can present new opportunities and build meaningful relationships with clients and their families. By sharing, understanding, and a little humor—where appropriate—we help to bring a real sense of purpose back into the lives of the people we care for.

Senior Loneliness Is Bad for Health

Experts all agree that long-term senior loneliness is bad for physical and mental health. Below are a few of the many observations that researchers attribute to this all too common problem:

  • Increased risk of mortality
  • Contributes toward cognitive decline and dementia risk
  • Seniors become more vulnerable to abuse
  • Links to chronic illness
  • Can lead to depression
  • Causes high blood pressure
  • Isolated seniors develop pessimistic outlooks

A home health aide can be invaluable for either pulling clients out of loneliness of fending it off before it becomes a real problem. Our compassionate care programs can assist in many other areas of senior care too, as the list below illustrates:

  1. General care: help with chores, shopping, housework, chauffeuring, etc.
  2. Personal care and hygiene: washing hair, bathing, dressing, and so on.
  3. Companion care: can also include other types of care as part of the plan
  4. Skilled medical care: usually trained nurses and therapists

Contact us to learn more about how our home health aide workers can enhance your life or the life of a lonely loved one. You can reach us at Jacksonville, FL (904) 337-6039.

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