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Call (904) 337-6039 | 12276 San Jose Blvd #304, Jacksonville, Florida 32223 Coronavirus update
12276 San Jose Blvd #304, Jacksonville, Florida 32223 Coronavirus update

Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

Mobility Assistance & Our Care For Seniors in Jacksonville, FL

Keeping your loved one safe while they're one their feet

There are lots of older adults in Jacksonville, FL, who live independent lives in their own homes. Comfort Keepers in home care for seniors is available for whenever someone needs a helping hand.

Failing mobility in later years doesn't have to mean a total breakdown of independent living. Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving™ approach to elderly support can sometimes help to improve agility.  Losing one's ability to move can be frustrating and bring about negative emotions and other upsets. We can help to improve home safety and enhance comfort by assisting with everyday tasks.

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How It Works

Comfort Keepers specially trained caregivers help less-able seniors to age in their beloved homes. Not everyone needs the same level of mobility support of course, or for the same reasons.

Here are a few of the ways we help seniors with mobility issues at home:

  • Support with walking (ambulatory care)
  • Getting in and out of bed, chairs, vehicles, and wheelchairs when necessary
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Personalized support plans for bedridden seniors
  • Ensure client eats nutritious meals on a regular basis
  • Maintain a safe and clutter-free home environment
  • Assist with physical exercises
  • Encourage mental stimulation

Those last two points are an essential part of our unique approach to in home care for seniors. Where possible we work with clients to help improve and maintain physical movement and mental health.

Comfort Keepers Unique Interactive Caregiving™

There's an old adage that says the human body won't go anywhere the mind doesn't tell it. A healthy mind really does contribute toward a healthy body. It's why we work with clients to improve both.

Our Interactive Caregiving™ approach focuses on four key areas:

  1. Senior mind
  2. Senior body
  3. Senior nutrition
  4. Senior safety

We're there with the client every step of the way, encouraging, challenging, participating, and just having fun. It's a method that's well-received and can produce some remarkable outcomes.

#1 Senior Mind

We tailor these mental activities around our Jacksonville clients' personal interests. This type of care may include puzzle-solving, board games, cards, and reminiscing.

#2 Senior Body

Physical activities are gentle and tailored to the senior's ability. There are no lessons in torture here. Senior body plans can involve specific exercises—sitting or standing—and even going for walks.

#3 Senior Nutrition

Neither the mind nor the body can function well if the client is on a poor diet or skips meals. It's a growing problem, especially with home-alone seniors. It's why nutrition is a big part of the plan.

#4 Senior Safety

Senior safety is at the forefront of all that we do. It can include things like rearranging spaces to make walking around safer. It may also include the use of our various safety technology tools and devices.

Contact us to find out about our Interactive Caregiving approach and how it can help with senior mobility issues. Call the number below for a free consultation to discuss our care for seniors and custom support plans.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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