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5 Things To Know About Dementia & Senior Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Laguna Niguel, California.

In Home Memory Care Explained by Comfort Keepers®

The fastest-growing age demographic in the United States is aged 65 and older. That means more and more people are trying to decide what the best care plan for their loved ones is. Some of those loved ones may have conditions such as dementia that have a large impact on their daily lives.

One way to take care of your loved one with dementia is to have a caregiver help take care of them. Not sure what that entails? Here are five key things to know about senior home care and how it'll help your loved one.

Caregivers Will Be Properly Trained

One of the most important things to know about senior home care is that if it's for a loved one with dementia, their caregiver will be properly trained. Dementia home care requires caregivers to be specially trained. They'll be trained on how to empathize with your loved one, how to handle situations that may arise, and what to do to keep your loved one physically and mentally engaged.

If you've been caring for a loved one with dementia, it's understandable if you feel anxious about having someone else take responsibility. More than 26% of the adult population has provided home care for a chronically ill and/or elderly family member within the past year. While it's understandable to feel this way, please know that your loved one's caregiver has their best interest in mind.

Your Loved One Will Have a Set Schedule

Another thing to note about senior home care for those with dementia is that your loved one will have a set schedule. Caregivers are trained to comply with individualized care plans that emphasize the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your loved one. Part of that plan includes having a set schedule so your loved one feels more at ease in their daily tasks.

If you have questions about your loved one's schedule, you can always talk about them with the caregiver. If you think something may need to change, be sure to talk to them and your loved one's doctor about why you think that is.

Your Loved One Will Be in a Familiar Environment

Dementia is a condition that causes memory loss. If you have a loved one with dementia, you'll likely want to keep them in a familiar environment as long as you can. One of the perks of assisted living at home is that your loved one will be in a familiar environment.

Familiar environments are essential for patients with dementia. Dementia causes people to become confused easily and lose their memory. The more familiar a place is to them, the more calm and centered they feel. Having someone who can care for your loved one in a familiar environment will help their overall treatment and care. The longer you can keep them in a familiar environment, the better.

Their Care Will Evolve

Another key thing to know about dementia and senior home care is that your loved one's care will evolve over time. Their care will change depending on their medical needs. They may need more care as time goes on, and a caregiver will be well aware of their needs. They'll adjust their duties to best take care of your loved one.

Something to know about caregivers who care for those with dementia is that they are trained to deal with each stage of dementia. They'll know what to do during each stage and what to look out for. They'll familiarize themselves with your loved one's nutrition and exercise programs, provide companionship, and care for them with respect.

They'll Be Treated with Dignity

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about senior home care of a loved one with dementia is that caregivers will treat your loved one with dignity. Dementia is a disease that requires caregivers to have empathy and patience for those they care for.

Caregivers will help your loved one go about their daily life with dignity, grace, and understanding. They'll also work hard to create a safe environment for your loved one to be in at all times. If you live in certain areas (like Laguna Woods) you can search for "senior home care near Laguna Woods" to get an idea of what services are available near you.

Having a loved one with dementia can be challenging at times. You may worry if you're giving them the care they need and wonder what you'll do if they need more care down the road. Senior home care can help alleviate these worries and provide a reliable care plan for your loved one. Together, you and your loved one's caregiver can create an environment where they're well taken care of with dignity and respect.