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4 Reasons to Choose In Home Senior Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Laguna Niguel, California.

In Home Senior Care

Comfort Keepers in Laguna Woods

As we and our loved ones age, our care needs change over time. Eventually, many of us face a difficult question: do we choose assisted living at home?

Many people hope to stay in their homes as they age. With the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. being 65 and older, this question will be important for the entire nation. Whether you're considering what type of care you'll need in the coming years or you're planning the care for an aging loved one, it's important to make the right choice.

Here are four reasons why you or your loved ones should choose aging in place or assisted living at home near Laguna Woods instead of a senior facility.

1. Get Personal Care

While senior communities can provide more social interaction, assisted living at home is unmatched when it comes to personal care for you or a loved one. With at home care, the senior gets one-on-one attention for whatever needs they have.

This allows for an extremely specialized type of care. That can make at home care especially important for those with particular needs that may not be met as well in a communal facility. Those who have dementia can really benefit from the level of personal care that home care services provides. There are various levels of severity when it comes to dementia and dementia presents differently in different people. While one person with dementia in the early stages may simply need help with daily tasks, another person in the later stages of dementia may need more hands-on care. By having home care services, a senior with dementia can have a care plan personalized to their needs and their caregiver will get to intimately know those needs.

2. You Will Get to Know the Caregiver

That one-on-one attention isn’t just good for medical reasons. Whereas in a senior community there will be many caregivers looking after all the residents, the caregiver and patient have a chance to build a relationship with senior home care services. This can be invaluable for many seniors, as it allows for the senior and the caregiver to get very comfortable with each other. Many seniors start to feel lonely or isolated if they're unable to do the activities they used to, making a comfortable and enjoyable relationship with their caregiver important.

If you were to look in senior home care near Laguna Woods, or anywhere else, you might be able to find reviews of these kinds of caregivers as well. Because of the close relationship between the patient and caregiver, these reviews can really help steer you in the right direction. The patients and families leaving reviews likely knew the caregiver very well and can comment on specifics related to care.

3. Getting to Stay at Home

For many, getting to stay in the comfort of their home as they age is an essential benefit of senior home care. That home is not just a comfortable place; it also holds a lifetime of memories. It's likely the place where the senior feels the most comfortable. Rather than moving to an unfamiliar facility filled with strangers, many seniors prefer to stay in the homes they bought and have taken care of for decades.

That comfort is not just nice to have: it may seriously impact someone’s health as they age. While a senior community is more affordable and offers socialization opportunities, some people will find that kind of communal living stressful. That can be an undue health burden when a patient is already contending with other issues.

This is especially true for seniors with dementia. Dementia or Alzheimer's can already make someone feel like they're in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. With dementia home care services, a senior can stay in the home they know and the home can potentially act as a grounding touchstone if the senior starts to become confused. With familiar sights surrounding them, they'll have one less obstacle to overcome as they live with the symptoms of dementia.

4. Combining Care

You may not realize it, but in home care services actually have the potential to save money for patients and their families. Because at home care is so specific to the patient, many different types of care can be combined, allowing for a lower overall cost. As the type of care can be uniquely tailored to the patient, a caregiver can combine specialists and bring down the cost as compared to needing multiple different specialists.

Learn More About Home Care Services Near Laguna Woods

Ultimately, the patient, family, and loved ones need to make the best decision for senior care based on an individual’s specific situation and care needs. Assisted living at home can be a great option for seniors who want to stay in their beloved homes but need a professional caregiver in order to live safely and comfortably. When you're looking for quality in home care, rely on Comfort Keepers in Laguna Woods for help.

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