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Call (714) 202-0197 | 7342 Orangethorpe Ave #B-111, Buena Park, California 90621 Coronavirus update
7342 Orangethorpe Ave #B-111, Buena Park, California 90621 Coronavirus update

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Home Health Providers Assist With Meal Preparation and Planning for Seniors in Buena Park, CA

Comfort Keepers home health aides provide dietary assistance to seniors that make mealtime more enjoyable in Buena Park, CA, and the surrounding areas

You may already be aware of how important nutrition is to keep us feeling energized and healthy. But did you know that this is even more crucial for seniors and older adults? As we get older, it’s harder for our bodies to process nutrients. If you’ve been caring for an older loved one, it’s important to be keeping an eye on their eating habits. If they’re eating too little or not eating nutrient-dense meals, it may be time to consider bringing in a home health provider who can help with meal planning.

Comfort Keepers provides meal planning and nutritional support to seniors who have trouble sticking with a meal plan or who are unable to consistently prepare healthy meals for themselves. 

The Challenges of Eating Well

It can be a challenge to eat well at any age, and it becomes even more difficult if you have extra barriers. For example, a senior who experiences mobility issues may have a harder time washing and putting away dishes, so they may be more likely to order takeout or skip meals. Oftentimes, convenience meals don’t provide the nutrition needed to upkeep proper health. For many seniors, skipping meals makes it easy to become underweight and undernourished. Plus, many seniors have restricted diets due to medications and health issues. Because of this, having to plan and make meals that taste good and fit within the guidelines of a restricted diet can be challenging and overwhelming.

Our home health providers at Comfort Keepers can take over the hard work of preparing a meal. Our caregivers can work with even the pickiest of eaters and the strictest diets. We will create a meal plan that fits in all of your loved one’s nutritional needs while still tasting delicious. Since we know that each of our seniors have different likes and preferences, we create a unique and personalized meal plan that fits their specific needs.   

Staying Social

At Comfort Keepers, our home health providers know that mealtime is often closely linked with socializing. Many seniors have no choice but to eat alone, which can make them feel lonely and isolated. So not only can provide nutritional services for your senior, but they can provide companionship. Our caregivers are compassionate and more than happy to sit down with your loved one for a meal or assist them in an outing to their favorite restaurant. We’ve found that senior morale goes up when they are able to have company. Our caregivers can provide much-needed companionship for your loved one. 

Our home health providers are some of the best around. They have access to trainings and expert nutritionists, which means that they can handle any case.

If you’ve been considering in-home care contact us online today or give us a call at (714) 202-0197 to learn more about our home health providers and all that they can do for you.