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In Home Care Articles From Comfort Keepers In Milwaukee, WI

See how we go beyond providing in home care by helping the community around us

Our agency does everything it can to go above and beyond our mission to help seniors thrive at home.  In addition to our in home care options and expert caregivers, we also do a lot to help the community.  From hosting events to partnering with local businesses and organizations in order to provide seniors with the resources they need.

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Featured Article

Comfort Keepers Consistency Makes A Difference With Dementia

Luanne contacted Comfort Keepers, looking for consistent care for her mother Mydella (age 90) who has dementia.  Mydella was then introduced to Pam, a hardworking and compassionate caregiver on our staff.  Pam had the perfect idea to help keep Mydella’s mind and body strong, as well as bring joy to her day.  At the same time every evening she would take Mydella and another resident up to Harbor Village for a dinner filled with friendship.  After dinner was time for games, flash cards, and some TV.

Interactive Caregiving is at the heart of all of our services, and Pam is a caregiver that has brought our philosophy to life with every senior she has worked with.  Daughter Luanne says that “Pam truly cares about mom and is a blessing to the family.  We’ve got a winner in Pam.”

Past Articles

Comfort Keepers Helps Senior Travel The Town

Regina is a senior that contacted our office in 2002.  Her main concern was safe transportation throughout Milwaukee, WI.  A funny and colorful French woman, Regina loved to travel the town to get her hair done and run various errands.  Despite serious health issues, and with a little help from her Comfort Keeper Roseann, Regina was able to life to its fullest every day.


Comfort Keepers Allows Couple To Be Worry Free In Their Own Home

Joe was an avid fisherman and gardener for the majority of his life.  When he found himself needing to recover from a stroke as well as diabetes complications, he wished to do so in the comfort of his home.  That's when his wife, Judy, called the Comfort Keepers team.  Joe was then matched with caregiver Deb, who visited him for a few hours in the morning each and every weekday.  During her visits, she would assist him with a variety of tasks such as getting dressed or making breakfast.  Joe's favorite part of the day was sitting with Deb to read the newspaper or just chit-chat.  Judy considers Deb "a God-send" and adds "Her caring for Joe allows me to go to work with no worries."


Married 68 Years And Still Going Strong With Help From Comfort Keepers In Home Caregivers

In 2004, a satisfied customer referred Jeannie to Comfort Keepers. She had noticed that her mother, Addie, and her father, Jim, were having trouble with mobility issues. Jim also had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Medication consistency was a major issue in helping her parents. Jim had fallen and was coming out of a three-to-four-month stay in rehab and Jeannie wanted to help her parents remain in their home because, she said, they are so dedicated to each other.

After four years with Comfort Keepers, Addie said, “I couldn’t live without my Paula, and Comfort Keepers caregivers are so good. I’m able to sit back and relax and all the work gets done so I don’t have to do anything.” Addie and Jim have been married for 68 years. “We are still in love after all these years,” she said

Through partnerships with groups such as the Alzheimer's Association, we have the resources needed to bring your loved ones the highest quality care at home.  Our agency also had created the SafetyChoice product line, which allows seniors to remain safe in their homes even when they are alone.


In Memory - Interactive Caregiving™: “A quilt made of love”

Comfort Keepers found a pile of fabric earmarked for discarding at the home of one client who then donated the fabric material for a quilt project for Lorraine, another client. Comfort Keepers® was taking care of Lorraine (a deaf client who communicated by writing on a whiteboard) who use to be an avid quilter. The caregiver dragged her own sewing machine to each of the clients for one year so these two separate clients could be part of sewing the quilt together. Comfort Keepers said Lorraine was truly a saint and we wanted to make a difference in her life and we felt Lorraine truly deserved the quilt and she became the recipient of the “Quilt Made of Love”.

Lorraine is a caregiver that not only demonstrates leadership but compassion and dedication to all of her clients.  This is an excellent and creative way to take our Interactive Caregiving philosophy and apply it in the field.


Comfort Keepers Honors And Loves Our Veterans

Did you know that our Sales and Marketing Manager, Amy, is also VP of Stars and Stripes Honor Flights?

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