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In Home Care Services In Milwaukee Promote Independent Senior Living

From the historic Third Ward to the Riverwalk, Milwaukee is full of rich history. Many elderly people have grown up living in the city and don’t want to relocate to a senior care facility late in life. Ensuring they can live comfortably and safely at home is the mission for our in home care specialists at Comfort Keepers.

Seniors and adults with disabilities all have different needs, which is why Comfort Keepers provides a wide range of at-home care services. You will be able to take a well-deserved break knowing your loved one is receiving the best care in the comfort of their familiar home. Give us a call at (414) 207-6894 to learn more!

Comfort Keepers Offers In Home Care Services Including:

In Home Care Services:

  • Companion Care- Stimulating seniors through good conversation and favored activities.
  • Personal Care- Dignified assistance with personal tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  • Respite Care- Support for familial caregivers so they can always be at their best.
  • Senior Transportation- Safe travel so seniors can make appointments, events, and errands.
  • Seniors & Technology- Pairing seniors with technology to keep them connected and informed.

Specialized Care Services:

  • 24 Hour Care- Around-the-clock supervision and assistance within the home.
  • Dementia Care- Special care for seniors experiencing difficulties with cognitive decline.
  • End of Life Care- Essential care and support for seniors diagnosed with a limited life expectancy.
  • In-Facility Care- Providing services in assisted living facilities and anywhere else that's called home.
  • Post Hospital Care- Helping seniors recover and avoid re-admission after transitioning from hospital to home.

Milwaukee has many great opportunities for community and social engagement, something all Comfort Keepers promote and encourage for the wellbeing of our clients. Historic walking tours, the art museum and the zoo are all great ways to enrich the lives of seniors through learning and exercise. Comfort Keepers will take your loved one shopping at their favorite stores for groceries and other sundries.

Personal Caregiving for the Elderly in Our Community

Starting personal care for a senior in your life is a tough transition. The last thing you want is for an aging relative to feel blindsided by a sudden move into a permanent care facility. If your elderly loved one has already experienced a mental or physical decline, arranging care will be even more difficult as they cannot communicate their needs clearly. The earlier you both address the issue, the smoother the transition to assisted living with Comfort Keepers will be.

While retirement homes and senior living centers offer many services, they often come at the price of independence for your family member. Scheduled visitation hours make spontaneous visits inconvenient. With in-home caregiving from Comfort Keepers, you are free to visits as often as you like. If you have any questions about our caregiving services, check our FAQ!

The Benefits of a Break

Respite care for Milwaukee residents lasts as long as you need. Our Comfort Keepers will help your loved one for a few hours while you work or a week as your family goes on a vacation. You will be able to live your life without constantly worrying about your elderly or disabled family member.

A brief reprieve from caregiving is beneficial to both parties. You get a chance to relax while your loved one gets to enjoy enriching, interactive activities with their Comfort Keeper. We know caring for a family member can become stressful and even damage your relationship. We provide you both with a break from each other.

Going Home after a Hospital Stay

A large percentage of hospital patients have no idea how much they are at risk for injury or disease after being discharged. Exposure to germs leads to potentially devastating disease in those with compromised immune systems while complications from even minor surgery can make daily life difficult. Transitioning care services from Milwaukee Comfort Keepers will help you readjust to life at home after hospitalization.

  • Perform household chores
  • Assist in bathing using specialized mobility equipment
  • Transportation to and from additional medical appointments

Whether you need assistance after suffering a heart attack or a broken bone, the trained caregivers of Comfort Keepers will be ready to help you on the path to recovery. Many medical professionals will recommend transitional care to prevent accidents at home after a procedure. We will even arrange specific care plan based on your needs and use home monitoring systems or personal emergency response systems to keep you safe and sound.

End of Life Care At Home

One of the hardest things to hear from a doctor is a terminal prognosis. With only a limited amount of time left, no one wants to spend any of it in an unfamiliar hospice facility away from friends and family. The Comfort Keeper approach to end of life care is to let your loved one remain in their home where they may be surrounded by the people, pets, and possessions they cherish.

Our caregivers will take care of chores around the house so you won’t have to. Instead, you and your family will enjoy time together without worrying about laundry or dirty dishes.

Acting as a caregiver yourself may seem more affordable, yet there are many drawbacks. Taking time off work or helping with medical bills quickly adds up. Through Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, Veterans Administration, and State Programs, our home caregiving services are available at an affordable price when you need them. Your loved one will receive the very best in professional care while you are still able to live your own life.

No matter where in Milwaukee you live, you will rest easy knowing Comfort Keepers are caring for your independent family member. With interactive care plans specially made for each client, they will receive the best care from home cooking to fun and games.

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If you would like to hear more about how our in home care services will benifit your loved one call today. We will set up a free in-home consultation with our experts to create a customized plan for proper care. Our 24/7 phone number (414) 207-6894, were available around the clock!

Senior Caregivers: Jobs Are Available in Milwaukee

Job opportunities do not get much better than working with Comfort Keepers. Our caregivers all undergo great training and have many opportunities to further their skills by attending ongoing education classes throughout their career.

In home care positions in Milwaukee include short term visits and long-term assistance.

Whether you’re looking to help out a few hours a week or make caregiving your primary job, Comfort Keepers has a spot for you. We’ll provide all the training necessary to get you ready to help seniors in their own home.

Then, with our super flexible scheduling, we’ll fit caregiving around your availability. Some caregivers are only free in the morning, others have open afternoons. By working with everybody’s schedule, we’re able to cover the home care needs of adults in Milwaukee round-the-clock. Even if you don’t live in Milwaukee, as long as you have reliable transportation you can still work with Comfort Keepers there.

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