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Understanding Breast Cancer

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Comfort Keepers Elder Home Care Providers in Fredericksburg, VA: Senior Women Are At A Higher Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

Elder Home Care Providers in Fredericksburg, VA: Learn more about how breast cancer affects the senior population with this insight from your local Comfort Keepers office! 

When it comes to breast cancer, survival rates have increased steadily over the course of the past several decades. Currently, there are as many as 3 million breast cancer survivors across the country. Breast cancer research is heavily funded in the United States and abroad, and new advancements are made every single day. However, screening and prevention are still of paramount importance and particularly for women over the age of 65. Comfort Keepers elder home care providers makes breast cancer prevention and screening a priority.

We have all heard about breast cancer, but what is it exactly? Many of us know about tumors, but how do they come about? The explanation is quite simple really. When mutations happen in the genes that are responsible for cell growth, cells can begin to grow irregularly and rapidly. This can result in the growth of tumors.

A number of factors contribute to irregular cell growth and cancer. One of the most important is old age. At the same time, other factors include family history, previous radiation therapy, dense breast tissue, alcoholism and estrogen and progesterone injections.

Comfort Keepers elder home care providers can help your loved one work on cancer prevention and early detection.

Comfort Keepers elder home care providers know that early detection starts with quality self-examinations. If your loved one is suffering from arthritis or other conditions that impede their mobility, our caregivers can help them do the exam or do it for them. Self-examinations include feeling for unusual masses or lumps. Other symptoms can also be painful nipples, swelling, irritation and redness. Some people also experience nipple discharge.

If our caregiver notices something unusual, they will make sure your loved one gets it checked out by a doctor.

Besides self-examinations, early detection also includes regular mammograms. Some seniors no longer drive and caregivers can provide them with incidental transportation services, making sure they make all doctor's appointments. 

Surprisingly, breast cancer prevention includes many simple common sense lifestyle changes that also help improve many chronic conditions seniors face. The most important is reducing alcohol use and quitting smoking. Doctors also recommend exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight.

With the help of a Comfort Keepers elder home care providers caregiver, seniors can work towards leading a healthier life. With a few lifestyle changes and practicing early detection and prevention, older women can stay cancer free and healthy, improving their overall quality of life.