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10721 Main Street #304, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA Living Assistance Services & Products For Seniors At Home

SafetyChoice can be the answer for seniors at home when living assistance services are not being provided

There have been a lot of advances in home living assistance services and accessories in recent years, technological devices in particular. Comfort Keepers in Fairfax, VA provide an entire suite of technology solutions for seniors at home. We’ll look at a few of those shortly.

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The caring families of Fairfax and Northern Virginia want their elderly relatives to live in their own home for as long as possible. And seniors also want to stay in the comfort of their own residence for the rest of their lives if they can.

The problems of the past couldn't cater for this, at least not when folks got too frail, forgetful or unwell. There was simply a shortage of home for seniors at home and a basic lack of homecare support accessories. It's much easier today than it ever has been. This is due to the growth in professional caregiver services and advanced safety and support devices.

Comfort Keepers Technology Solutions

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), say that 90% of seniors 65 years of age and older want to stay at home for as long as possible. Home life and familiar surroundings is certainly beneficial to general health and wellbeing. Assisted living care facilities do have their place of course. After all, they have every safety net an aging person could need, especially for the very old, frail or sick. Even so, thanks to the technology accessories offered by Comfort Keepers, those who seek living assistance services at home do not lose out. Today, they can receive the same or similar benefits as assisted living, including:

  • Social interaction (thanks to our qualified caregivers)
  • Health monitoring and treatments for in home senior care specifically
  • Medication management

Technology solutions are all some seniors need to get by to feel safe and secure. Others might need them in combination with our caregiving services. What our devices offer is round the clock monitoring. We have Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) which raise an alarm with the single push of a button. These come in three useful options: console, pendant or wristband.

There are also our safe medication solutions for in home living assistance services seekers. These administer the exact dose at the precise time. We also have invaluable PERS accessories. These include items like smoke detectors, pressure sensitive bath and floor mats and contacts for doors and windows. For seniors who don't mind, we can offer WiFi home security cameras. These can be useful as they allow concerned relatives to check in from any device where there's a connection to the internet.

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Seniors living at home alone can face risks.

For instance, the risk of falling can be a threat to a senior’s health and quality of life. But no less critical, a dose of medication could be missed, or overdosed. Additionally, for those with dementia, wandering off or engaging in a dangerous activity can put them in harm’s way. 

Consequently, many families face this dilemma: balancing respect for a loved one’s independence with a desire to provide them with home care. No one wants to be overbearing, but all families worry about the time between visits when their loved one is alone. 

Comfort Keepers offers more than in-home care, we also help seniors and their families overcome these challenges with our full line of in-home safety devices.

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