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10721 Main St STE 304, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Coronavirus update

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Respite Care

With respite care from Comfort Keepers®, your loved one receives quality care and you receive a well-deserved break.

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Senior Respite Care in Greater Fairfax, VA

Comfort Keepers offers respite care that is there for both you as the family caregiver and your elderly loved one in Fairfax, Annandale, Vienna, or a nearby city

Becoming a family caregiver for an elderly loved one is a wonderful decision, but many who do so have little idea of the challenges they will face. While it might start with a few visits each week, it can quickly become a full-time job.

To Better Understand This – These Numbers Come from an ARRP Report:

  • Average time spent caring for a loved one approx. 24.4 hours
  • Family caregivers spend over 41 hours caring for a loved one
  • Partners spend an average of 44.6 hours caring for their spouse or partner

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Support for the Family Caregiver

Inasmuch as caring for your loved one is a noble occupation and one filled with joy, so too is it full of stress, strain, and exhaustion. When you reach the point of physical and mental exhaustion, you run the risk of becoming less effective as a caregiver. Before you let this happen, swallow your pride and reach out for a helping hand. At Comfort Keepers we are proud to be that hand with our senior respite care services that include a skilled, professional caregiver.

At part of our program, our caregivers arrive ready to help with a variety of personal care and homemaking services. While not there to take over or replace you, our caregivers are there to help and give you time to rest and recuperate.

Our Amazing Caregivers

We love our caregivers so much that we call them the real "Comfort Keepers." Each must have the required skills, training, and certifications. But more than this, each is chosen for their friendly personalities and their compassion. To help make everyone feel safe, our caregivers must all undergo a thorough background check.

Sitting Down with Your Loved One

At some point, the time will come when you have to talk to your loved one about finding a senior respite care service that can be there for them when you can't. Most seniors don't like the idea of having a "stranger" in their home "invading" their privacy. Getting started on this conversation can present its own set of challenges. To help, we offer these simple tips:

  • Be sure you emphasize the fact that you are not going to abandon them and that you will continue being their primary family caregiver.
  • Choose the place and time to talk very carefully
  • Make your questions as direct as possible
  • You must realize you aren't likely to succeed after the first conversation
  • Focus your conversations on the many benefits for both you and your loved one
  • Be sure you listen to the concerns and points of view
  • Do your homework and be ready to offer several options and any potential schedules
  • Use questions designed to guide your loved one to the "right" conclusion

Worry-Free Help

It's only natural for you to wonder if a professional caregiver and our senior respite care program are going to provide your loved one with the same level of care as you or keep your loved one on the same schedule. At Comfort Keepers, we know you are doing everything you can to provide your loved one with the best possible care. Our goal is not to replace you or the care you give, it is instead to provide you with a skilled caregiver who can be there to help while you take a little respite time for yourself.

Do You Know?

Do you know who you can call if there is a family emergency? Is there anyone in the family that can take over if you encounter a shift change at work? As part of our program, our caregivers can be there whenever you need them. They can give you the time to do something as simple as taking a nap, go shopping, take care of personal business, or in shifts if you need to take a short vacation.

Contact Comfort Keepers

If you are interested in learning more about our senior respite care program and our amazing caregivers, contact Comfort Keepers at, (703) 520-2189 or complete our online form. We have agents on duty 24/7/365 to take your call. They can answer many of your questions and schedule your free care consultation with one of our senior care managers. They will work with you and your loved one to develop a working care plan that meets everyone's needs.

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