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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults
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The nature of providing senior care at home is such that caregivers must be ready and able to perform a wide variety of services in order to help seniors preserve their independence. People in America are living longer than they ever have, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're remaining in tip-top shape for their whole lives. It is inevitable that older Americans will at some point require assistance to maintain their independence.

Often, it is family members who provide assistance to their older loved ones. However, even though the love and sense of responsibility are there, it can be a very taxing proposition because adults have their own lives, often including full-time work, small children in some cases, and other social obligations to attend to. Familial caregivers often report a decline in their own health when they are spending too much time looking after the health of their older loved ones. Comfort Keepers of Grand Forks is an organization whose aim is to take the burden off of these family members' shoulders

How Does Comfort Keepers Provide Senior Care at Home in Grand Forks?

At Comfort Keepers, our mission is to provide high-quality in-home care that can help our clients live their best possible lives. When clients, or their families, reach out to us, they will meet with a care coordinator, who will work with all relevant parties, including other healthcare professionals, to create a highly-individualized care plan for our clients. These plans seek to address any physical, mental, emotional, and social needs that clients may have.

Once the care plan has been developed, one of our dynamic, compassionate caregivers will begin working with the client to carry out the plan. Caregivers might visit clients on a weekly or daily basis, or may remain with clients during the night, depending on how the plan is set up and the level of care that’s needed. It is important to note that these unique plans can change based on the wants and needs of the clients.

When you work with Comfort Keepers in Grand Forks, you can count on us to provide assistance with a host of activities, ranging from those that occur within the home to those that occur outside the home or in the community. Every client has different needs and preferences, and plans are tailored to their unique circumstances. In-home care services that we normally provide include the following:

  • Assistance with hygiene, bathing, and grooming

  • Assistance with toileting and incontinence care

  • Transfers and mobility assistance

  • Assistance with meal planning, preparation, and feeding 

  • Light housekeeping and laundry

  • Specialized Alzheimer's disease and dementia care

As part of our in-home care in Grand Forks, our talented caregivers also provide transportation to and from medical and other appointments, or anyplace else that our clients want or need to go. If the clients need groceries or something else from outside the home, our caregivers will obtain these things. Because many seniors take multiple types of medication throughout the day, our caregivers also help with organization and provide reminders for clients to take their medications on time. For clients just returning home from a stay in the hospital, our caregivers can provide post-hospital care to help them recuperate comfortably. In some cases, a client could require around-the-clock care and monitoring, and for these instances, we provide 24-hour care services.

Aside from helping to meet the physical needs of our clients, caregivers also provide companionship and meaningful conversation. This is another dimension of care, one in which trust is both required and built. Comfort Keepers caregivers are good listeners, and because they spend so much time with our clients, they engage in meaningful conversation often. Trust is often built through conversation.

Many times our caregivers report back how important spending time and having these every-day but meaningful conversations with their clients are. When they are planning a meal or eating together, for instance, they naturally engage in conversation, and our caregivers often say that it is very similar to being at home, and conversing with their own families.

Why Is Trust Important in Home Care for Seniors?

In-home senior care is a job that can only be successful when there is trust between all parties. We believe that our clients should trust their caregivers to help solve any and all problems as they arise, and that their families should trust that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care. In turn, we have complete faith in our caregivers because we know they believe in the same philosophy that guides our organization. Otherwise, we would not allow them to represent us.

Why is Socializing Important for Seniors?

Socializing is as much a part of companion care as any of the light housekeeping or other physical duties that our caregivers will perform. Studies have shown that socialization is hugely important for seniors and that they don't get as much as they should. Getting out and being social is important because it helps to keep their minds sharp and stave off Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

There's a holistic component to being social, too. When most of us leave the house, we do so looking the best we can. For seniors, this isn't as simple as it might have been when they were younger. With personal care services, our caregivers help them with their most personal needs, such as bathing and dressing, so that when they leave the house, they don't just look their best but feel good, too. Just as isolation can lead to depression, getting out and feeling good—sharing ideas and feelings with others—can have the opposite effect. Whether it's a walk through the park or a game of chess with an old friend or a trusted caregiver, the social piece is as important as any other.

Senior Care at Home is Comfort Keepers' Business

Providing senior care at home in Grand Forks is our business, and we take our business as seriously as if our clients were our own families. From the top on down, our singular desire is to provide the physical, mental, and emotional assistance that our clients need to carry on as independently as they are able while living at home. Our talented caregivers will go to any length to ensure the safety and happiness of our clients and to provide our clients' families with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are in good hands. Contact us today at (701) 738-0006 to learn more about our services and how we can offer your loved one the best quality in-home senior care in Grand Forks.