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512 Klumac Rd #11, Salisbury, North Carolina 28144

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Assisted Living in the Home

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Assisted Living Done Right with Comfort Keepers in Salisbury, NC

In the Salisbury, Concord, Kannapolis, and Lexington, NC areas, quality assisted living services can help your loved one live a longer, more independent life at home

If you're looking for an appropriate care alternative for your senior loved one in Salisbury, NC, consider Comfort Keepers' assisted living services rather than facilitated care. As a family caregiver, you should be aware that the benefits of assisted care might vary greatly from one facility to the next. In truth, the quality of assisted care varies every institution, based on resources, funding, how care receivers are approached, and, last but not least, the experience and passion of the staff. Light housekeeping, meal preparation and serving, support with bathing and incontinence, and other services are typically given in such facilities. To discover how we can help, call us at (704) 322-3240.

There’s No Need to Relocate with our Assisted Living at Home

Even if the quality of care is excellent, issues may develop if the needs of a senior loved one drastically expand. They may become ineligible to remain in the facility, forcing them to undergo yet another traumatic relocation, this time to a long-term care facility somewhere in the Salisbury, NC area. When your parent receives assisted living services from Comfort Keepers, there is no need to relocate as their care needs grow - they can continue to live safely and independently at home in their preferred lifestyle. By doing regular care assessments every few months, we are able to keep a close eye on any changes in needs. Rest confident that if your loved one's needs change, their personalized care plan will evolve as well.

The In-Home Care Solution for Assisted Living

With Comfort Keepers as your care partner, you won't have to choose between placing your loved one in a facility or caring for them at home on your own. Our locally owned and operated agency in Salisbury, NC, can provide the best-case scenario: your Mom or Dad will receive exceptional care and will be able to remain at home happily, while you will have peace of mind knowing they are being cared for by the most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in the Salisbury, NC area.

With Pride, Living Independently

Comfort Keepers' trained experts strive to provide interactive care that keeps your senior loved one as active and engaged as possible. This way, we can significantly improve their physical and mental health. It is a common misperception that the elderly must move when they require additional assistance. Assisted living does not have to be provided just in a huge institution. If Mom or Dad owns a home they adore, one that is almost certainly paid up in full, they can obtain all of the care they require right there. To learn more about our services and how we can assist seniors in the Rowan County area, call our office now: (704) 322-3240.