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Post-Hospital Care in Farmington, MI: 
Comfort Keepers Provides Support for Seniors Transitioning Home

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Providing specialized post-hospital care services in Farmington, West Bloomfield, Novi, and the surrounding areas

For the typical American, hospital admission can be a trying period for both the senior individual and their loved ones. Recent research suggests that for seniors, the real risk lies in the 30-day timeframe that follows a hospital discharge. Throughout this healing phase, relatives and caregivers often need to implement additional measures to understand the instructions seniors have been tasked to adhere to upon returning home and numerous other factors to ensure they recover.

Ensuring that all the healthcare professionals involved in a senior's post-hospital care plan are in sync and asking the right questions is a complicated process for most family caregivers—especially those with outside responsibilities. Comfort Keepers can help support your senior loved one following hospitalization with our post-hospital care services in Farmington. 

Challenges of Post-Hospital Care for Seniors

The stress associated with being admitted to an unfamiliar hospital environment and enduring a slow recovery after being discharged can harm virtually everyone. For seniors, these stressors can be particularly detrimental during the recovery phase following a hospital release. As we age, our immune systems weaken, and fatigue can start clouding even the sharpest minds.

Maintaining healthy and familiar routines is crucial for effective senior care. When these routines are interrupted, or the immune system of senior individuals is compromised by illness or injury, important aspects of care may be overlooked, and the body can suffer greatly. The mental and physical fatigue experienced by seniors following a hospital stay can heighten the likelihood of developing health complications. Here are a few concerns associated with post-hospital care for seniors: 

  • Transportation: Depending on the severity of the illness or injury, coordinating transportation for a hospital discharge may be necessary, particularly if the senior is completely unable to drive. Our compassionate caregivers in Farmington can assist your beloved seniors in arriving at their follow-up appointments on time and even paying visits to their loved ones.

  • Nutrition: Memory loss is a common outcome of the aging journey, particularly for those senior individuals who have recently experienced a challenging circumstance in an unfamiliar hospital environment. Decreased appetite and poor nutrition are common outcomes of this forgetfulness, and both are prevalent during and following an illness. At Comfort Keepers, we can help your senior loved one grocery shop and prepare meals at home. 

  • Mobility: Following an extended period of rest in the hospital, seniors may experience a rapid decline in physical condition and a weakening of muscle strength, which can be especially risky for those who reside alone—the likelihood of stumbling and falling increases significantly. Our caregivers possess specialized training in supporting mobility, transfers, and proper positioning to minimize the risk of falls.

  • Medication: The shift from hospital to home includes numerous elements in motion, such as a strategy for uninterrupted care and instructions for prescriptions. These crucial details can be easily overlooked by seniors who live alone and are just starting to readapt to their regular routines. Our compassionate caregivers are here to assist your senior family member in remembering when to take their medication and guaranteeing the correct dosage is taken.

Personalized Post-Hospital Care for Seniors in Farmington

Excellent hospital-to-home care is offered by Comfort Keepers in Farmington, MI, providing seniors with ongoing care as they recover from an illness or injury. Our specialized post-hospital care services are made to match the particular requirements of each person in our respect and are intended to ease the transition from the hospital to the home.

As seniors rebuild their strength and independence while still living in their own homes, our caregivers are experts in offering compassionate support. During this crucial time, Comfort Keepers' committed staff provides seniors and their loved ones with the best care available.

Comfort Keepers Post-Hospital Care Services

In the initial month after being discharged from the hospital, seniors face the highest risk of readmission as a result of falls, medication mismanagement, and inadequate nutrition. The primary objective of post-hospital care is to prevent hospital readmissions by focusing on:

  • Assistance following discharge instructions

  • Ongoing observation

  • Prescription reminders

  • Transportation to follow-up appointments

  • Preparing healthy snacks and dinners

  • Light housekeeping and ensuring the safety of the home

  • Having conversations with family members and medical professionals

At Comfort Keepers, our skilled and empathetic caregiving team utilizes vital details from the discharge planner to develop a customized care plan. Our dedicated team is specifically educated to deliver post-hospital care in Farmington, MI, and will be by your side to offer 24/7 assistance whenever necessary.

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For people who are recovering at home after a hospital stay or surgery, Comfort Keepers provides specialized post-hospital care services in Farmington.

To avoid readmission, we can serve as a support system for seniors as they recuperate following a hospital stay or surgery. To ensure you and your loved ones have a speedy recovery, our devoted and sympathetic caregivers are available to provide care at all hours of the day or night. 

Allow Comfort Keepers to assist you as you navigate the post-hospital healing process. Each senior can concentrate on healing as a result of our in-home care plans and compassionate senior services. To learn more about our in-home care services in Farmington, West Bloomfield, Novi, and the surrounding areas, call us at (248) 919-8760. Our care coordinators are happy to work with you to develop a customized care plan for your senior loved one so that they can recover safely at home.