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888 E Belvidere Rd, Ste 302, Grayslake, Illinois 60030 Coronavirus update

Signs an Elderly Person Should Not Be Living Alone

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Grayslake, Illinois.

Warning Signs an Elderly Person May not Be Safe Living Alone

As seniors age, it can become more difficult for them to lead independent lives. At Comfort Keepers Grayslake, we understand how important it is for seniors to be able to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. If you are beginning to notice changes in your loved one’s behavior, we highly encourage you to reach out to our office and learn more about our compassionate, professional in-home care. Until then, it is essential that you are aware of the different signs an elderly person may show that indicate they should not be living on their own. 

Poor Personal Hygiene

As they age, the elderly may find practicing personal hygiene to be challenging. If they struggle with mobility, showering and bathing can prove to be a difficult task. Other hygiene habits they may need help with include brushing their teeth, washing their hands, putting on fresh clothing, and more. If you believe that your loved one isn’t looking or feeling their best due to poor hygiene, it is important to get them the help they need and deserve. 

Weight Loss

Another sign that a senior may not be safe living alone is if they have lost an unhealthy amount of weight. Weight loss can be the result of a number of factors: not consuming proper nutrition, an underlying illness or condition, the inability to prepare meals, and more. Maintaining a nutritious diet impacts overall wellbeing, as well as decreases the likelihood of many common health conditions, so it is important your loved one has access to healthy foods and is visiting a doctor regularly to monitor their health. 

Untidy Home

Everyone organizes their home differently, however when things begin to change drastically and spaces become overwhelmingly cluttered, there may be a more serious issue at hand. Messes can be very hazardous, causing slips and falls that lead to severe injuries. When your loved one struggles to pick up around their home, home care services would be beneficial. 

Decline in Memory

A decline in memory is a major sign that a senior should not be living on their own without care and support. Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia need high-quality care. At Comfort Keepers Grayslake, our Alzheimer's disease and dementia care is dedicated to preserving the happiness and independence of seniors living in their own homes for as long as safely possible. 

Comfort Keepers Allows Seniors To Continue Living in Their Homes

If you have witnessed any of the aforementioned signs, contact us today to discuss how we can help improve the quality of life for someone that you love. We proudly offer customized in-home care services and solutions as well as senior care and nutrition, 24-hour home care, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care, end-of-life care, respite care, and more. Our services focus on physical needs and total wellbeing. At Comfort Keepers, we understand the struggle family members face when a loved one needs extra assistance in their home. We are here to help and be someone you can trust. We can provide peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving the best care from experienced caregivers.