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1147 S Fair Oaks Ave Suite B, Pasadena, California 91105

Customized In-Home Care Services and Solutions

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Pasadena, California.

Reducing Fall Risks With The Help Of Comfort Keepers Of Pasadena, CA

Comfort Keepers can prevent your loved one from hospitalization with our fall risk reduction service

Millions of senior Americans, especially those that are 65 and older, experience all sorts of mobility issues that usually stem from age-related wear and tear over the years or chronic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease. To make matters worse, certain illnesses combined with mobility issues and a sedentary lifestyle significantly increase the risk of falling in seniors.

The truth is it doesn’t take much for older adults to sustain an injury. These are some of the most common mobility concerns in seniors:

  • Going up or getting down the stairs
  • Going in or out of the bathtub or shower
  • Going to or getting out of bed
  • Positioning in bed
  • Getting dressed/undressed or other hygiene tasks such as nail trimming
  • Tripping on loose rugs or cables
  • Cooking and/or cleaning
  • Stretching or engaging in an exercise routine

At Comfort Keepers Home Care of Pasadena, CA, we are dedicated to helping seniors eliminate potential fall risks from their immediate surroundings, boost mobility, and improve their overall quality of life. We achieve this through personalized home health care plans provided by trained professionals.

Should you like to start working with Comfort Keepers, we will first send one of our friendly team members to visit you and your loved one in their home, get to know your family better, and closely inspect your Mom or Dad’s living conditions. Our team member will use this initial meeting to learn more about your parent’s care needs and personality, identify potential fall risks, and develop an in home careplan that will efficiently boost safety in your loved one’s surroundings.

In addition to reducing fall risks in the home, our seasoned caregivers can also cater to bedridden individuals and perform transferring and positioning. This helps prevent bedsores, ulcers, and other negative side effects from laying in the same position for far too long.

Outdoor Fall Risk Reduction

To further enhance your loved one’s mobility and minimize fall risks when they are outside, Comfort Keepers can provide accompaniment and incidental transportation. Whether your loved one is having a scheduled appointment at the doctor’s office, visiting friends or going shopping, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are escorted by a seasoned professional.

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