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5478 Wilshire Blvd # 218, Los Angeles, California 90036 Coronavirus update

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Home Care Aides Offer Laundry Services for Seniors in Los Angeles, CA

By taking care of the laundry in Los Angeles, CA, home care aides allow seniors to focus their time and energy on the important things in life

Laundry can be a very difficult task for seniors due to their physical condition and lower energy levels. Comfort Keepers home care aides take care of this essential task and give seniors more time to enjoy themselves and participate in activities that bring them joy.

Having to do their own laundry can pose the following problems for seniors:

  • The laundry baskets can become heavy as they build up clothes and carrying them to the laundry room and back can pose the risk of injury for seniors. Seniors who are rehabilitating from injury or surgery are especially vulnerable to injury. 
  • The laundry room may be a considerable distance from the home or apartment of seniors. A laundry room may even be on a different floor of an apartment, requiring the senior to climb up and down stairs. For seniors who lack strength or have a debilitating injury, doing laundry may not be possible due to their physical limitations. 
  • Some seniors may not be able to reach the buttons to operate the laundry machine. They may be too short or may lack the strength to do so. Their inability to properly operate machines due to their stature of fragility may keep them from washing their clothes.
  • Certain laundry machines can be dangerous for seniors. Front-loading laundry machines may force seniors to bend while carrying heavy weights, potentially causing injury to the back. Top-loading machines require lifting a basket full of clothes to drop the clothes into them from up top. This can be very difficult for some seniors and may lead to injury. 

Comfort Keepers home care aides in Los Angeles, CA allows seniors to live without the burdens imposed by having to do laundry. Seniors can live at home where they may prefer to be instead of being in a residential facility away from family and friends.

Being at home may improve the mental and physical state of seniors. It may offer more privacy and allow seniors to take part in activities they may prefer to do such as gardening, playing cards or going for a walk. Having clothes that are regularly washed for them will improve how they feel about themselves. Clothes that are regularly cleaned will also reduce their exposure to harmful pathogens.

Contact us online or call us today at (323) 430-9803 or more information regarding our laundry and our other services offered to seniors from our home care aides in Los Angeles, CA. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!