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Starting the Conversation

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How to Start The Conversation About In Home Supportive Services For Loved Ones in Buena Park, CA

Practical ways to raise topics in home supportive services for seniors in Buena Park, Cerritos, Cypress, and the surrounding area

There may come a time in the life of loved ones when they need help to live at home. Talking about in home supportive services is not a discussion people like to have but it's one we all should have. It's easy to delay these conversations when an aging relative or parent doesn’t need home assistance. Alas, it's often a subject that gnaws away in the back of minds until it’s out in the open.

The purpose of this short piece is to look at the practical ways to approach this.

The Right Time To Mention In Home Supportive Services

In our experience, the earlier families have these conversations the better. Waiting until the last minute can be stressful for all parties, disorganized, and time-consuming. Seniors tend to be more responsive when it's a potential future issue. Conversations are also easier to have when an aging loved one is of sound mind and able-bodied. This way the parent or other close relative has some say in the kind of help and support they receive in those later years. They should feel included in any decision-making whether they need help now or potential help in the future.

The Ideal Place To Raise Caregiving Solutions

When the family raises the subject of in home supportive services make sure it's a place where all parties feel at ease. This could be the older person's home, a favorite restaurant, or some other place. The most important thing is that the setting suits all parties. It's a minor detail but one that can have a major impact on how well the conversation goes.

Someone Has To Take the Lead

If you're an only child then you may want to be the one to raise the topic to your parent(s). Or you may prefer an adult grandchild or another family member to start the dialogue. What's important is that everyone involved agrees on who should be the conversation starter. If this is a collective gathering you'll also want to agree on the general format of the conversation. Everyone else can contribute after the opening talk. Just try not to interrupt as the leader raises the subject of caregiving.

Same Page Support Is Vital

If there's more than one sibling involved they should be there when the talk begins in home supportive services. If they can’t make it for whatever reason then you can invite them to join in via conference or a video call. If they can't make that either it's best to postpone the talk until they are free to attend. This is a sensitive topic even if the older adult doesn’t need support right now. Uplifting support matters and that means involving everyone who cares in the discussion.

Prepare In Advance

You need to arrive prepared rather than just throw the topic out there.  For example, what type of care is available, how much does it cost, how often might your loved one need support, and so on. We're Comfort Keepers of Buena Park, CA, and we can help you prepare ahead if you need us.

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