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Seniors and Immunizations

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Racine, Wisconsin.

24 Hour Home Care Experts Discuss the Importance Of Senior Immunizations in Racine, WI, and surrounding areas

Is your senior loved one up to date on their immunizations? Find out more about the benefits of making sure your senior gets their shots.

There are many preventable diseases that have caused seniors to become very ill and even die due to being non-vaccinated. In fact, more than 45,000 adults die every year from preventable diseases. Adults and seniors often think they do not need to receive a vaccine because they can beat it with good hygiene or they do not want to deal with the side effects of the vaccine. Our 24 hour home care experts have often heard people say that they get sick when they receive the flu shot, so this often worries others.

Those who are 65 and older are the most susceptible to illness and can even die from complications and infections that occur as a result of illness. There are some specific vaccines that seniors are recommended to have and it is important that you speak with your physician or a 24 hour home care expert about them, should you have any concerns. Some of those vaccines include Tdap, flu vaccine, pneumonia, and the shingles vaccine.

Tdap Vaccine

The Tdap vaccine is recommended for seniors who are 64 and younger with the pertussis component. Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, can cause serious complications for seniors and it can be deadly to newborns. Those who are 65 and older should not receive the vaccine that has the pertussis component in it, but should still receive the traditional tetanus vaccination.

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is designed to help prevent the flu and any complications that may arise with it. It is recommended by experts that adults and seniors receive the vaccination and especially those patients who have diabetes or heart disease. 24 hour home care experts tell seniors that the flu vaccine is generally available from September until April.

Pneumonia Vaccine

Pneumonia is a common illness that affects seniors and the complications from it can lead to death. In fact, more than 60,000 seniors die each year because of it. The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for seniors to ensure that they do not develop pneumonia or that they do not experience any type of serious complications.

Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a painful condition that comes along with a red blistery rash and the vaccine is recommended for all seniors age 60 and older. While the shingles vaccine is fairly new, it is heavily relied on to prevent the illness and to reduce the severity of symptoms that may be experienced should the shingles still develop.

With National Immunization Awareness Month in September, now is the perfect time to talk to your doctor about what vaccines he or she recommends for you.