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Testimonials for Comfort Keepers Home Health Aides of Racine, WI, and surrounding areas

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers® Home Health Aides & In-Home Senior Care in Racine, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas

Comfort Keepers of Racine, WI, provides in-home senior care to seniors in Racine, Oak Creek and Kenosha County, WI, and the surrounding areas. Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home senior care provided by Comfort Keepers home health aides—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become Comfort Keeper® by themselves. With our custom home senior care plans developed for each senior's unique needs and abilities, our caregivers can provide the care required to remain safely in their homes. Our in-home senior care services have successfully provided the families below with the care they need, and we know that we will be able to provide your family with the same level of care.

Contact us or call (262) 884-3930 to learn more about how our in-home senior care and qualified caregivers can help you and your loved ones. We have a member of our care team available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Reputation Reviews

Great place to work if you love working with the Elderly.

Sheila P

Great and friendly staff.

Susan L.

My dad has always been a strong, ethical, kind, and caring man. He was at mom's side every day in her journey through Alzheimer's, making sure no detail went unnoticed. He would meet with the head chef in her caring community to be sure he knew someone was watching over all eight people in her unit. He knew EVERYONE's needs and desires and did his best to make sure they were treated with compassion. About a year ago, dad fell while shoveling snow in his driveway. He laid there for half an hour before one of his neighbors noticed him and called the paramedics. They took him to the hospital where they found he had atrial fibrillation and was prescribed coumadin to thin his blood. Several falls later, and a near fatal G.I. bleed led us to seek help for him; we felt it was dangerous for him to be home alone. We contacted Comfort Keepers, and they found us 24 hour care for dad for the first couple of weeks, and 16 hour care for several months after that. I cannot tell you what wonderful caregivers we have been blessed with. I never imagined how much pressure they would take from our shoulders by cooking, shopping, and doing light housekeeping, all the while attending to dad's every need. Dad LOVED getting out of the house, and Alicia would take him for a drive sometimes for as much as 2 hours! Dad felt a great sense of independence when he found he could still go grocery shopping by using the electric carts at the grocery and department stores. Each of the caregivers would call us if they noticed something that needed to be addressed so we would always know what was going on. The superb level of communication between the family, the caregivers, and the Comfort Keeper's office staff helped us to make wise choices and excellent decisions even if we could not be with dad physically. Though dad is temporarily in a facility for physical therapy, we all look forward to seeing him get strong enough to go back home with care from Alicia, Veronica, Dani, and others who pitch in with his care! It won't be long...he is VERY motivated!

Katherine M.

I wish to acknowledge the superb contributions to my mother's safety and well-being made by the people of Comfort Keepers. Not only did you arrange for her care on very short notice, but every caregiver who came to the house was well prepared for her difficult work. Every one of them was compassionate and skilled and added a unique touch to her care.

Vern G

I want to personally thank you for taking care of my mom during her last days. Your time with her was special and helped make her comfortable. I have a newfound respect for the care you give people. You are truly special.


Thank you so much for the assistance you gave us. We were at the end of our rope and didn't know who to turn to. We knew Dad didn't want to go to a nursing home, but we couldn't stay with him 24/7 and carry on with our lives. I was going to quit my job so I could stay with him when Comfort Keepers came into our lives. You were a Godsend.

Paul H.