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Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Racine, Wisconsin.

Comfort Keepers Home Care Services for Seniors: How to Prevent Fires in the Home in Racine, WI, and surrounding areas

Home care services for seniors experts in Racine, WI warn against the dangers associated with senior citizens and lighting fires within the home

Fire is a beautiful phenomenon. Some even say that what sets humans apart from other animals is the fact that we were able to harness its effects and use them to our advantage. Unfortunately, as beautiful as fire is, it is equally as dangerous. It is particularly hazardous for seniors who die disproportionately more than any other age group from it each year. Comfort Keepers home care services for seniors professionals can work with your loved one to help them reduce their fire hazard risk.

To get back to some frightening statistics, data from the U.S. Fire Administration show that less than 15% of the U.S. population is 65 years or older. However, as many as 40% of people that die fires each year are seniors. A number of risk factors contribute to this frightening statistic.

One of the major risk factors is also the most obvious: generally speaking, seniors experience physical and mental challenges that come with age. This can make it much more difficult to escape a dangerous situation like a fire. At the same time, many seniors are slow to react to fires because their reaction time is slower and many take medication that subdues their senses.

There are many fire hazards and potential sources of fires in senior homes across the country. Comfort Keepers home care services for seniors can help your loved one reduce the risk of a fire outbreak in their home.

However, if you are your loved one's primary caregiver, the following are some Comfort Keepers home care services for seniors tips for helping keep your loved one safe:

  • Smoke detectors can make a huge difference. Make sure they are installed all throughout your loved one's home and their batteries fully charged.
  • Come up with an evacuation plan. It might seem a bit silly to do so, but it can make a major difference for your loved one in a dangerous situation. Go over all the options your loved one has for escaping a fire in their home. This can help them make better decisions should they end up in a dangerous situation.
  • Safe meal preparation is critical. Many seniors who have dementia or some other chronic condition may forget to turn off the stove. Comfort Keepers home care services for seniors professionals can help your loved one prepare meals and prevent a hazardous situation such as this.
  • If your loved one smokes, it might be a good idea to designate a smoking area that has a lower risk of fire hazard. Going outside to smoke is probably the safest.