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Types of Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Choosing The Right Type Of Senior Home Care Assistance Is An Important Decision

How Comfort Keepers home care assistance plans work

High-quality affordable senior home care exists so that older adults can age in their own place. It's the top priority of any family to make sure their loved ones are comfortable, safe and content. Not all seniors living in and around Milwaukee, WI, need home support. And those who do don't all need the same type of home care assistance. This is why your local Comfort Keepers tailors all our plans.

Families who do need an extra pair of valuable hands have two considerations:

  1. Caregivers with the right attitude, qualifications, and experience
  2. The type of at-home care that matches precise needs and budget

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Sourcing Caregiver Support

There are lots of qualified caregivers to support seniors aging at home today. Finding professional carers isn't difficult. Sourcing the person who meets the exact needs of your loved one is a little trickier. At Comfort Keepers, our priority is to help match the ideal carer to the client.

We don't take over from the loving support of a family but we do become an extended member through our home care assistance.

There are three approaches to find qualified caregivers, namely:

  1. Caregiver registries
  2. Independents (freelancers)
  3. Employment-based agencies

The difference between the three is the employer. The client is the employer with registries and independents. That means the client takes full responsibility for salaries, taxes, employee rights, and all other related admin. An employment-based agency sources and employs the caregiver on the client's behalf. The approach that suits you depends on your circumstances and personal preferences.

Type Of At-Home Elder Care

The type of home care is the other important issue. Quite often the kind of help a person asks for may not be the type of care they actually need. Comfort Keepers caregiver support covers general help, personal caregiving, specialized services, and miscellaneous care.

Milwaukee's Options In-Home Care Assistance

Please contact us to see what type of caregiving options and plans are available near you. Call us for a free consultation—or to arrange a no-obligation assessment—in-home care local support.

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