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Transitional Care in Sugar Land and Richmond, Texas

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By providing uplifting care during recovery at home, we can ease your loved one’s transition after discharge from a hospital or time at a rehabilitation facility. After hospital care for the elderly is critical to both physical recovery and emotional wellbeing, especially for seniors who live in the comforts of home instead of a senior rehabilitation center. Comfort Keepers® of Sugar Land provides a range of in-home senior care and custom care plans, including following hospital-provided discharge plans and rehab for the elderly after hospital stay, all in the comfort and privacy of home.

Challenges of rehabilitation

Caregiver providing transitional care and assisting senior in wheelchair

Rehabilitation after an injury or illness can be a complicated process, especially for senior rehab. The time immediately following release from the hospital is a critical phase of recovery.

In addition to physical challenges, patients can experience depression or anxiety caused by social isolation and a change to their normal routine. And, due to the current health crisis, we understand that more people may be recovering at home following a hospitalization.

Trained in infectious disease control and senior care, our caregivers can help those in recovery stay safely in the comfort of home and reduce the risk of re-injury or hospital readmission by following discharge care plans.

We can also provide respite care or a short period of relief for family members and other primary caregivers. After a major surgery or hospital stay, it is common for family to temporarily move-in, or make arrangements to have their loved one move in with them. This compassionate change in routine can be stressful and overwhelming. Our trained caregivers can step in to allow primary caregivers to take a much-needed break and recharge.

3 Reasons Sugar Land Seniors Need to Consider Transitional Home Care Service

The road to recovery can be a difficult one for seniors. After a procedure, one may need to spend an extended period of time in the hospital. Even after this, they may need some assistance going back to their normal at-home lives. This is why many people seek professional help. Here are a few things you should know about post-hospital at home care service.

  • It's Very Affordable: In many cases, at home care service comes with a minimal out-of-pocket cost. Long term care Insurance companies often pay for all or part of the care if it's needed. In other words, if the doctor requires that you have this type of post-hospital care, then your long term care insurance may cover the majority of the cost. Make sure to ask your insurance company if they will cover the costs, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Depending on your insurance company, there may be coverage available for at home care service under certain conditions as well. Even without health insurance coverage, home care service is more affordable than a skilled nursing facility.
  • Professional Level of Care: Well-meaning relatives often offer to provide post-hospital care, and while it's a very generous offer, it comes with a wide range of potential problems. For one, caregiver burnout is a real risk. Additionally, when family members are providing the care, their own life obligations often fall to the wayside. Further, family members are often untrained in proper care techniques.

    Many seniors find it difficult to ask family members for help with certain activities like personal grooming, assistance with toileting, and other very personal functions. It can be awkward for both the patient and the family member. Unfortunately, this may lead to certain care being neglected simply because the senior is too embarrassed to ask for help.

    Hiring a professional to manage post-hospital care is the best way to ensure family members don't become overwhelmed and that the patient gets the best level of care. It can be a lot of pressure for a family member to manage things like wound care, med checks, and other necessary care. On the other hand, a professional is highly skilled and trained. They know what it takes to help someone recuperate successfully at home.
  • The Care Is Customized to Your Needs: Everyone experiences recovery a little differently. This is because everyone’s situation and needs are unique. Thankfully, a major benefit of at home care services is that they can be tailored to the patient's specific needs. For example, some patients will need physical therapy, while other patients may have longer recovery periods and need help with things like personal grooming or toileting. Others still may be ready to get up and move right after returning from the hospital but need things like shopping assistance and transportation to the doctors.

    One of the best reasons to choose home care services is that the services can be customized to meet nearly any need. The patient is evaluated, doctor's orders are reviewed, and family input is used to come up with a plan that meets the patient's and the family's needs.

Uplifting care during post-hospital recovery

Comfort Keepers supports families by providing quality in-home care for seniors and other adults who need help at home during recovery after a hospital stay.

Our custom care plans are created to meet the needs of each unique individual we serve and can help ensure an easier recovery at home. We also support physician-prescribed exercise regimens, provide companionship and help families stay connected through technology.

At Comfort Keepers, we strive to elevate the human spirit through quality, compassionate, joyful care.

Care collaboration

Comfort Keepers often works cooperatively with home health agencies, physical therapists, and other health professionals to provide complementary services so seniors and other adults are provided a full spectrum of care that will help expedite the recovery process.

Comfort Keepers caregivers make our clients’ transitions from hospital to home as seamless, safe, and positive as possible. Our caregivers post-operative care services include:

  • Transportation - Comfort Keepers can provide transportation home from a hospital or facility, including scheduled follow up appointments and physical therapy sessions.
  • Medication Reminders - Caregivers will pick up prescriptions and other supplies, and we can remind clients to take their medication on time.
  • Encouragement - Recovery is hard work and Comfort Keepers is there to provide encouragement and support doctor-prescribed physical or speech therapy.
  • Companionship - It’s not unusual for clients recovering from surgery to experience melancholy or become frustrated. Comfort Keepers is there to provide companionship and engage in meaningful activities that the client enjoys.
  • Personal Care - Surgery and extended hospital stays often result in weakness and limited range of motion that cause difficulty grooming and bathing. Our caregivers can provide basic personal hygiene support to help get dressed and ready every day. This also includes light housekeeping to keep the home environment clean, tidy, and safe from any hazards.
  • Respite Care - When you or other primary caregivers need relief, our caregivers can step in. We will cover all responsibilities while you take a break and recharge.
  • Patient Monitoring and Communication - Comfort Keepers will provide follow-up communication with family members and a client’s Primary Care Physician to keep everyone updated on recovery status.

We actively work with our clients and their families to create a postoperative care strategy that fits everyone’s specific needs.

How Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land Can Help

Comfort Keepers offers a diverse range of postoperative home care services for those just returning home after an extended stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

We act as the support system your family needs during the decisive recovery period after hospital care. Dedicated and dependable, our caregivers are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let Comfort Keepers help guide you through the after-surgery recovery process. Our home care expertise and compassion allow each client to focus on what's most important - feeling better. Contact Us Today